magic and boys part 4!

okay here's part 4 of magic and boys! If you havn't taken the other 3 quizes then you should go and take those.uuuummmmm! have you ever tried to pet a cat backwards? comment and tell me k?

which of the three boys do you like? Fang,who has black hair and pure blue eyes? Alex,who has blonde hair and green eyes? Or Max,who has brown hair and hazel eyes? comment and tell me? or maybe even rate?

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. you wake up and you and fang are still flying.You look at fang and smile. "Where are we going?" You ask. "Out in the woods." He says. "Who were those people?" You ask. "They work for Janise." He says. Right when you were going to ask another question you remember the glass in your arm.You look at it and try to pull out the peice of glass. You breathe in sharply and wince.
  2. Fang lands and sets you down. Your a little wobbly so you sit down. He sits down beside oyu and gently take your arm.He pulls out the peice of glass and you flinch. "Sorry." He mumbles.He rips a peice of his shirt and wraps it around your cut. "Thanks." You say. He nods.
  3. "Who is Janise?" You ask. "She's the head vampire." says Fang. "Why her worker's invade the house?" You ask. Fang hesitates. "They were after you." He says finally. "Why?" you ask more curious. "You have power's like we told you,but we don't know what they are yet.I don't know how they knew you were with us." He says.
  4. Fang make a fire and opens a backpack you just noticed he had. He takes out some hotdogs. H egrabs two sticks and takes out a pocket knife.He begins making the end of the stick sharp.WHen he's done he hands you a stick.You grab a hotdog and stick it over the fire.
  5. when you think your hotdog is cooked you grab a hotdog bun and take the hotdog off of the stuck.You two eat in silence.
  6. Fang lays down and closes his eye's.You just lay awake thinking of when Alex and Max are going to be here and why Janise is after you and if your ever going to see Jay again.
  7. you finally fall asleep.You wake up and see Alex cooking bacon on a pot over the fire. "Goodmorning!" He says with a smile on his face. "Morning." You say back. Max walks up to the fire with some logs. Fang is sitting by the fire. Alex looks at your arm where Fang put a peice of his shirt around. "Good job protecting ______,Fang." Says Alex. Fang just nods. 'I wonder if we're gonna go back to the house.' You thought. "Actaully ______,we are." said Alex. "How did you know what I was thinking?" You ask. "I can read minds." He says. "Ohhhhh."
  8. You guys start to eat.When your done you guys start walking back toward the house.You start to daydream.You started to ask Max something when you noticed the guys wern't with you. 'where did they go?' You thought.
  9. At that moment you hear growling.You freeze and slowly turn around. You see a huge gray wolf! 'oh crap! you think. Then a Black wolf appears out of the tree's and attacks the gray wolf.
  10. "________! Run!" said the black wolf. 'Max!' you thought and ran. after running for what seemed like hours,you slowed down and walked. your legs were so tired that you fell to your knee's. After a couple minutes you fell asleep.
  11. okay that's it.Sorry they're all like short and stuff but i'm running out of idea's.Soooooo cya! Come back for part 5!

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