magic and boys part 2!

so this is part 2 of my quiz series magic and boys! I think this 2 paragragh thing is stupid! I mean yeah you can explain what your quiz is about but come on!

so comment and rate! and don't forget to tell me which boy you like! i'm just gonna say random things okay? I'm a bananana! I'm a bananana! I'm a bananana! Byeeee!

Created by: fireprincess1996
  1. okay recap-you were at the mall with your friend Jay when you see these boys.Then your waiting for Jay outside of the bathroom when you get knocked out right?
  2. you wake up in somebody's arms. "Is she awake?" Somebody asks. You quickly shut your eyes. "No." Say's the guy who's holding you. You open your eye's and look at the guy who's holding you.Its the black haired dude,also the guy who knocked you out.
  3. you open your eyes and punch underneath his chin or whatever that part is called. "Ow!" He shout's angerly and drops you. You get on your feet and start running. "Wait!" Calls one of the guys. "Fang!Get her!" says the other. You look behind you and see the guy you assumed was Fang jumping in the air and unfolded wings.Your so breath taken and amazed that you stopped running. You snap out of your trance and start running again.
  4. Fang catches up to you and hits you on the back of your head with something really hard.You,of course,black out again.
  5. you wake up in a room.You try to get up but when you do you feel sharp pain in your head. 'thats jst great!' you think. 'what are people gonna think when they find out i'm kidnapped?!?!?!?' Just then the door opens and it's the boy with blonde hair and green eye's.
  6. you look at him warily. "Um.Hi.You must be ______?" He says. You cautiously nod ignoring the pain in your head. He smile's. "I'm Alex." He says. You start to say something but another guy walks in. He has brown hair and hazel eye's. "You could told me she was awake!" He says. Alex ignore's him and look's at you again. The other guy follow's his gaze. ________ right?"He asks. You nod again. "I'm Max." He says.
  7. "That's cool.Got any food?" You ask. They look at you and laugh. "Yeah.We'll show you to the kitchen." Says Alex.You get out of the bed and follow them through a hallway and down the stairs,through another hallway,and through a door. 'wow this seem's like a big house!' you think.
  8. when you walk in the kitchen you see Fang sitting at the table.He look's up at you and look's back down at his food.You saw a purplish bruise underneath his chin from you punching him. 'oops' You think.
  9. Alex open's the fridge door and finds some eggs and start's cooking them. Max sit's down at the table,so do you. You look at Fang. "I'm sorry I punched you." You managed to say. He look's up and nods. 'wow.he's quiet.' Alex starts laughing out of the blue and Fang turn's his head. It only took one look to shut Alex up.
  10. "So ________,why did the chickhen cross the road?" asks Max. You shrug. "I don't know." You say. Max smile's. "To get to the other slide!" He says and start laughing. You laugh a little bit too even though you think that joke is lame.
  11. okay so that's it for part 2.hey does anyone know what happend to xxdarkxx? anyways please comment and rate and come back for part 3. Byeeeee!

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