magic and boys part 9!

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okay.This is part 9 of my quiz series magic and boys! The picture in the left is kind of what you look like in your dream,minus the wings and the fingerless glove's are white (if they are fingerless gloves)

anyways!I hope you like it! sorry its not as long but i stayed up lat eworking on it cause i wanted to get it out!And yes i know i could take a break but like i said i just wanted to get it done! Peace!

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. Your wearing a white dress with long black fingerless glove's.Your in the forest. 'Am i dead?' You think. "No my darling." Says a woman's voice. You look all around but you don't see anybody. 'Who are you?' you ask in your mind. She laughs and you see a young woman maybe in her twentie's in a black dress standing a couple feet in front of you.
  2. "I am your great aunt." She says. Your eye's widen a bit. "I posessed the same same power you have now.I passed it down to you." She says. "Are you dead?" You ask. She has a sad look in her eye's a then it faded as soon as it came. "Yes.I died battling against Janise's great aunt." She says. What are you thinking righ now?
  3. "How old are you?" You ask. "I was 22 when I died.Right now i am 234." She says. "What?!?!?!? But i'm only seventeen!" You say. "Yes,I know. I was your age when I developed my powers.But you must know that the battle is coming and you must prepare.Or you will suffer the same fate as I did." she says and disapears
  4. "Are you sure she's going to be okay?" You heard Fang ask. "Yes.Your very lucky.When you found her she was barly breathing.Do you know what happend?" Asks a woman's voice. "No.Not a clue." Sauys Fang. "Fang!" You scream only to hear silence beside the rushing water of a nearby spring and the chirping of the birds.
  5. "Fang!" You scream again.Silence. "Alex!Max!Please!" You scream and tears start streaming down your face. You start to wonder around.Your by the spring when you hear a little girl laughing. "Hello?" You ask. A little girl steps out of the tree's and smile's.
  6. The little girl look's exactly like you did when you were about five or six. "Hi!" She says brightly and walks over to you. She has a teddy bear in her hand. "What's your name?" She asks. You smile. "My name is _________." You say. she smile's. "Thats my name too!" SHe says. You smile. "That's cool!" You say. "________! Where are you?" You hear someone yell. "Coming mommy!I have to go! Bye!" she says and runs off. You relize your in the spring.
  7. you head deeper in the spring.As it gets deeper it gets warmer.Then your draged under water by something or someone. You break through the surface again. "Help!" You shreik. "Somebody help me!" Then your daraged underwater again!
  8. You really deep underwater.You can't breath.Water is filling in your lungs. You hear someone calling your name. "Huh? wha?" You say and kick somebody. "Ow!" You hear the person say and you hear a thud.
  9. you open your eye's and see Alex on the floor. "Holy cheese and cracker!You scared the crap out of me!" You say to alex. "Sorry." He says. "But you were screaming in your sleep." He finishe's. "Oh." You say and he hugs you. "i'm so glad your okay." He says and you two kiss!
  10. You guys go downstairs and eeat breakfeast. "________!" Fang and Max say at the same time and go up to you and hug you. "Hi!" You say. "I'm so glad your okay!" Says Max. "Me too!" Says Fang. You laugh. You eat and Max make's joke's and you laugh at all of them! "No but i'm serious!The purple gorilla only wanted to play tag!" Max says while laughing. You,Fang,and Alex are cracking up. Your laughing so hard your stomach start's hurting.
  11. okay thats it for partt 9! Sorry it wasn't as interesting but i hope you like it!Comment and rate! Peace!

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