magic and boys part 13!

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This is part 13 of magic and boys! I added more charicters to this one so i hope you like it.The others might be late coming out cause of school and stuff.

But,there will be more! I promise! I don't know how many but there WILL be more! hehe! I said that like twice now! lol.Comment and rate and take part 14! Peace!

Created by: fireprincess1996
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  1. Your uncle looks suprised to see you. "________? What are you doing here? I thought you were missing?" He says. "I was but i got away." You say and being proud of yourself for making up a lie so fast. "Why did you come here then?" He asks. "You were the first person I thought of and I thought mom was gonna think I ran away." You say.
  2. "We have to call your mom." He says. "No!" You almost shout. "Why not?" He asks. "Uh.Because I want to spend some time here." You say and you are even more proud of yourself. "Okay.But you'll have to sleep in Crystals room." He says. You smile. "Thank you so much uncle Trey!" You say and hug him.
  3. Crystal is your cousin.She is your age and has black hair just like you.Your mom,your aunt,you,and Crystal has black hair.All the girls in your family has black hair. "Crystal!" Your uncle yells. "Yeah dad?" Crystal yells back. "Come down here!" He says. Crystals comes down the stirs. "What is it?" She asks.
  4. "Look who's going to be staying with us for a while." He says and looks at you.Crystal follows his gaze and screams. "_________! I thought you were kidnapped!" She says and hugs you.You hug her back. "Crystal! I missed you!" You say. "She will be staying in your bedroom.Is that alright?" Asks your uncle. "Its perfect!" Says Crystal. Crystal got her name because she has crystal blue eyes.
  5. You and Crystal go upstairs and open her bedroom door. "This is going to be so cool!" She says. You smile but don't say anything. "I can't believe your really here!" She adds. "Neither can I! It's like a dream!" You say. "I think my dad is going to inroll you in our school until you have to go back to your moms house." She says. "Now its a dream come true!" You say.
  6. You guys talk about what you did since you saw each other.You notice she has the same phone as you. "Hey,can I use your phone charger?" you ask her. "Sure." She says.You hand her your phone and she plugs it in. "Dinner time!" You hear your uncle say.You both go downstairs and Crystal shows you to the kitchen.
  7. You eat in slience.You try to make a converstion but you fail.You know why its silent but you don't say anything.You decide to tap into thier thoughts. 'God Crystal looks just like her mother' You hear your uncle think. 'I think its cool how every girl in my family has black hair' You hear Crystal think. When your done eating you put your tray in the sink and head back up to Crystals room.
  8. You hear your phone vibrating and you walk over to it.You have 5 new messages and 7 missed calls.You take your phone off the charger and flip it open.You see a message that says Fang.You have no idea how he got your number.You didn't now he even had a phone!You read the message. 'I'm sorry for what I did.I just couldn't stand to see Alex hurt you.Why did you run away?Come back please' You read the others. You see one from Jay. 'I heard You ran away from those boys.Why?' You look at your calls and you see three was from Fang and two was from Jay.You sigh and shut your phone.You really didn't want to think about the boys tonight.
  9. Crystal walks in. "Hey,dad said we have to go to bed." She says. You felt like a little kid. "Your coming to school with me tomorrow.Don't worry,you can borrow some of my clothes." She says and laughs.You laugh with her.You borrow some of her PJ's and she gets a spare blanket and pillow.You lay on the floor and think about all thats happen to you.Then you were pulled into the dream world.
  10. You feel someone shaking you.Your eyes flash open and you see Crystal. "Wakey,wakey!" She says.You yawn and strech.You get up and go to Crystals closet.You pick out an outfit and brush your hair and teeth.You go downstairs.You walk in the kitchen and smell bacon.
  11. You get a plate and put hashbrowns,eggs,and bacon on it.You start to eat.You and Crystal start talking about boys.Who doesn't? You hear a hear a honk and you follow Crystal out and you see a bus.You get on the bus and its takes you to a huge school.You walk off the bus and start walking towards the door.You reach the door and you take a deep breath.You open the door and see papers everywhere,like 100 kids in the halls,and people screaming.
  12. You look at your schedual and you try to find your locker.Crystal goes a different way and you keep looking. "Are you new here?" You hear a girl say.You turn and see a girl with blood red hair with purple streaks and she has emerald green eyes. "Yeah." You say.She smiles a crooked smile and You notice she has a lipring and her eyebrow is peirced.
  13. "Whats your name?" She asks. "________." You say. "I'm sam.Do you need help finding your locker?" She asks."Yeah." You say again. "Can i see your schedual?" She asks. "Sure." You mutter and hand her your shedual. She smiles. "Yours is right by mine.Follow me." She says.
  14. You follow her.You reach her locker and she points to the one next to hers. "Thanks." You say and put in your combo. "Where are you going to first?" She asks.You look at your schedual. "Sience." You say. "I'm going there now.I'lll show you where it is." She says and smiles.You shut your locker and she shuts her's.She starts walking to the room right across from your locker and you walk in.
  15. You walk in and the teacher looks at you and smiles. "You must be _______." she says nicly.You nod and she stands up.You notice Crystal sitting in the middle row and she smiles at you. "Class.We have a new student,________." She says and points to you.You wave and walk towards the back row and sit by Sam. "Good place to sit." She whispers to you.
  16. You nod. "Thats Mrs.Lee.Shes the nicest teacher in this rathole." Sam whispers.You laugh quietly. "Yeah.She seeems pretty nice." You say.Mrs.Lee starts talking about plants and fish and how global warming is effecting them.After what seemed like forever the bell rang and you went to math.
  17. Right as you walked in the bell rang.You look around the classroom but you don't see Crystal or Sam.You sigh and find a empty seat in the back of the room by this really cute guy with dark brown hair. "Your ________,right?" He asks and you nod. "Cool.I'm Josh." He says and smiles.
  18. You a get through math and go to lunch.You sit with Crystal and Sam and you tell them about Josh. "Don't talk to him.He's trouble." Says Crystal. "Yeah.I'm with Crystal on this one." Says Sam. "Okay." You say.For the rest of the day you don't talk to Josh.Crystal stayed after school to finish a paper and she gives you directions on where the house is because you decide to walk home.
  19. After walking for about 10 minutes you hear someone running behind you.You turn around and see Josh running at you with a metal baseball bat.You start running but he catches up to you.He trys to hit you on the back of your head with the baseball bat but you duck and stop running.You turns around and comes at you.You kick him in the stomach that knocks the breath out of him.He swings the baseball bat so fast that you don't have time to dodge it and it hits your head and you blackout.
  20. Sorry about the cliffhanger.Comment,rate,and take part 14! Peace!

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