Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 7)

Yeah, sorry it took so long. Well, here's part seven!!!! Finally!!!!

Yeah so in this part you do something to Silam's sister, find out her name, and go on an ENORMOUS quest! Your first encounter on a challenge starts on this quiz! It's sorta stupid but I'll make it better next time!!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. You wake up in a prison cell. It's dark and gloomy, and pitch black. So black that you couldn't see a thing. You feel groggy and moan and struggle to get up on your elbows when a searing pain shoots through your head, making you fall back on the cold, stone floor. You couldn't stifle a scream. Then you hear a cackling voice say, "Nice try, Upiorzyca. You will never escape from me!"
  2. Silam's sister walks in. Her hair is bright red like her brother's. She reminds you of Durza, the Shade who threw Eragon in the cell. "Well, Upiorzyca. Not so macho now, huh?" you feel so mad that you get up, ignoring the pain. "Where is Felicity?" you shriek. Silam's sister laughed cruelly. "We'll talk about that later." you grab her by the hair and smash her onto the stone wall. "I. Will. Kill. You!!!!!" you roar, grabbing her arm, yanking it, and throwing her on the ground like a useless rag doll. You plant your foot on her back. She screamed. You slipped out the dagger on the side of her waist, turn Silam's sister around, and stab her in the heart, ten times, just in case. You kick her to the side as blood leaked from her chest. You spat on it. But there was only one problem... How do you get out? Silam's sister used magic to open your cell door, and now it was closed and locked.
  3. You peer through the cell bars, trying to search for a way out. Finally, you see a key hanging on a peg across from your cell. You get an idea! You would try to use the first lesson you learned- the levitating the pebble thing! You would levitate the key and bring it all the way to where you were. You concentrated and focused on the key, and nothing but the key. You look up, and it was floating over to you! You give a silent cheer as you unlock the cell door. 'Now,' you think. 'Where are the guys?' you wander through the halls. There were no guards, but, who cares? You quickly found the exit and walk outside.
  4. You walk outside and see the guys and Nyla waiting for you. "Took you long enough," grumbled Damon. You smile a little. They transport you back to DHQ. You ask your questions. Your first question was, what did the daddy tell you guys? Viktor said, "Our father told us that we will go on a quest. A very magical and dangerous quest, I must add. First, we must pass through the realms of the spiders and the snakes. They are very, very hostile creatures. You will know what we mean when we reach there. We also must pass through other incredibly dangerous places."
  5. "Okay," you say. "But where was I when Silam's sister kidnapped me?" Eulisses answered, "Her name's Sessilia, by the way. And yeah, you were in R'yore, the biggest desert in the whole Universe. There were many underground springs, so it was possible to live there. You were smart to kill her quickly. She was gonna kick you out into R'yore to starve to death in the heat. She thought that she was being 'nicer.'"
  6. FAST FORWARD---- You guys are getting ready for the quest. You put your iPod, some snacks and water (just in case), and your favorite books in your hiking bag (Maximum Ride lol). You swing the bag over your shoulder and walk down the halls. They're behind the kitchen door, so you put an ear on it and listen. What're they saying?
  7. After about five minutes, you enter the room, pretending as if nothing happened when the guys all say together, "You were listening, Upiorzyca, were you not?" you blush furiously. Damon sighed. "Let us begin," he said, and you all get transported to-
  8. To this- volcanic place! In front of you was an abyss that seemed to stretch for miles. The end was hidden by thick clouds of black smoke. The abyss was filled with bubbling, boiling, fiery lava. There were chunks of rock floating through it. Over the noise of the constant booming volcano that kept spewing lava, you yell at Nyla, "What the hell do I do?" Nyla yells back, "This is Wunae, the land of fire! The first challenge on our quest! Hop over the chunks of rock! Me and my brothers are flying over!" "WHY?!?!" "We agreed that you need practice! You're on your own, Upiorzyca! G'bye!" And Damon and Granger flew up into the air. Nyla turned into her dragon form and picked up Viktor and Eulisses. They sped off, without even looking back at you.
  9. You gulp and look at the thick, swirling lava. You gulp again. "Well," you say to yourself, shakily. "It's now or never," and you hop onto a floating chunk of rock. Steam rose around you, and you were already almost dying in the heat. Lava bubbled around you. You look down. The little chunk of rock was swaying and starting to crumble under your weight! You take a deep breath and jump on the rock that's a bit farther away. You stay on the center to avoid swaying. So like this, you jump from rock to rock. You were actually getting sort of skilled at this! You actually started grinning and whooping like an insane pshyco as you jumped from one rock to another. At last, you see Nyla waving from a humongous boulder on the side. You jump on a rock and clamber onto the boulder, panting heavily.
  10. "Nyla?" you ask as Granger gives you some water and lets you rest on his ghostly shoulder. "Yeah?" "What's this place called again?" "Wunae, the land of fire and smoke." "What's the path of this quest?" Nyla turns to you and says, "Upiorzyca, you know those little mazes they make you complete in kindergarten? That's how it is, except a bit different. The Caverns of Death are right smack in the middle of these realms. There are three circles of realms, each with four realms. All of them are different. Once we complete one circle of realms/challenges, we will be granted a key that will unlock the gate to the next circle of challenges, that brings us closer to the Mother's layer. Now do you get it?" you nod, slowly. Eulisses comes over and hugs you tightly. "I'm really sorry we had to leave you out there, Upiorzyca," he murmured. "I really wish we didn't have to."
  11. "Hey guys!" you ask the guys. They all turn to you, smiling. "What's the next realm called?" Granger says, "Thodelim, the land of water and mist. Do not think that water is easier than fire, Upiorzyca. The more realms you advance upon, the more harder they become." you nod, feeling scared for tomorrow. "All right, everyone," Damon says. "We shall travel through the forest and set up camp at the outskirts of Thodelim. We shall complete the challenge tomorrow."
  12. You swing the hiking bag over your shoulder and trudge through the cold, humid forest, following Nyla and the guys. The guys, meanwhile, set off to hunt for their own food and came back twenty minutes later. You ate some of your own snacks. "Nyla?" you ask. "WHAT?" she screeched, obviously annoyed with your constant questioning. "Sorry, but what's the forest called? The forest is huge. It goes through all the realms. That's why it's called Axday, which means grand, or huge, in our language." you nod.
  13. You all finally reach the outskirts of Thodelim. You all set up camp. You hop into your sleeping bag in the tent, pulled up the blankets, and slept more quickly and soundly than you ever had in your whole entire life.

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