magic and boys part 5!

okay this is part 5! If you don't have a clue about what i'm talkin bout then you should go take the first four quizes k? so There three guys,well you knew that of course!

so have you ever seen a purple garilla? Comment and tell me k? I like cheese and crackers!!!! I'm a bananana! i'm a bananana! i'm a bananana! i'ma Bananana! Peace! :)

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. You wake up in Fangs arms once again. "Are we almost to the house?" you ask. "Yes." says Fang. you were half asleep when you heard Max say, "She's getting her powers." Then you fall asleep.
  2. you sleep dreamlessly.You wake up in Fangs room.You sit up and see him sleeping on the floor.His wings are unfolded. You lean over more to get a better look at them.You lose your balance and fall over.You land on Fang. His eye flashed open. "I'm so-" You began but you were suprised to see Fang laughing. "It's okay!" He says in between laughs. "you can't help but laugh too.
  3. You get off Fang and sit on his bed. Fang stands up and folds his wings in. He also sit's beside you on the bed. "________,I love you." He says not looking at you. You smile and Fang looks at you. You both lean in and kiss!
  4. you both pull away and you smile.He leaves the room without another word and Alex come's in.
  5. Alex sit's on the bed. "______,I like you." He says. Then,he leans in and kisses you. 'I'm starting to like this place!' you think. "_______,I love you more then anyone could love you.Please choose me." He says. Your confused. "What?" You ask and he walks out of the room.
  6. Max walks in. He also sits on the bed. "Your going to kiss me aren't you?" You ask. "Yes." He saays. You smile and lean in. Max pulls away. "I have something to tell you." He says. "What is it?" You ask. "We all like you and when everthing is over a Janise is dead we want you to choose the one that you like the most out of us." He says. Your speachless. "What do you mean by 'when Janise is dead'?" you ask. "Your going to have to fight her." he says.
  7. "Dinner is in ten." he says and walks out. you walk to your room and pick out a cute outfit and head downstairs and into the kitchen. You sit down at the table with Fang and Max. Alex come's out with steak on a platter.Your mouth starts to water. you guys begin eating. What do you try to start a conversation on?
  8. After dinner you go to your room and take a shower and brush your teeth. you fall asleep.
  9. your in an open feild and there are butterflies everywhere.Your in a grey dress and you see bunnie's,deer,birds,etc.
  10. you hear a laughter that give's you the chills. "I've been waiting for you _______." says a girls voice. You spin around and see a girl with yellow eye's and long black hair. "How do you know my name?" you ask. She laughs again. "I'm Janise.The head Vampire." she says with a sweet girly accent.
  11. "What do you want from me?" You ask. "It's not what i want from you, silly! I just simply want you. You posses a power like no other.A power so strong people would kill to have." She says. "And what would that power be?" You ask. "Its multiple power's conbined.Seeing the muture,reading minds,element control." she says. You don't say anything.
  12. Janise tilts her head and looks around. "You must be in a happy mood. Tell me _______.Why do you stay with those useless boys?" Again you don't say anything.
  13. "Whats the matter? Cat got your toung? Join me. I can have the power and you can have the world." she says. "Never!" You say. "Fine! Sweet dreams,________!" she says and pulls out a knife and lunges at you! You-
  14. okay guys thats it for part 5! sorry for the cliffhanger! I got to keep it interesting! Well c ya! and come back for part 6!

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