do you believe in magic?

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when i look around the world much of the magic of yesteryear has vanished, even christmas and bonfire night are in danger of being ripped from the hearts of people, which is extremely sad.

so do you believe the magic is still here? are you keeping the magic alive for future generations to wonder with awe at? im hoping that magic still flies high in the hearts of people, and that it is merely an illusion that all the magic is dying.

Created by: harley

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  1. what is coicidence?
  2. what do you think if you are longing to see an old movie or hear an old song and then it just happens to be on tv, or the radio, playing in a shop etc?
  3. do you believe in love at first sight?
  4. which words bring to mind the nicest picture?
  5. what do you think about vampires?
  6. why do you dream?
  7. do you believe in luck?
  8. Have you ever heard of the brothers grimm faerie tales?
  9. are you super stitious?
  10. do you believe that animals have souls?

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Quiz topic: Do I believe in magic?