The Movie ''Silent Night,Deadly Night''?

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If you know a lot about christmas and if you watched almost all of the christmas movie like this maybe you might know this one like ''SILENT NIGHT,DEADLY NIGHT''.

This quiz is for people who know a lot about the bad christmas and about the magical christmas.Come on along and take this quiz but if you do take this quiz watch out because Santa could be coming for you.

Created by: Carnisha

  1. What holiday was this movie set?
  2. What does Billy suffer?
  3. Why does Billy suffer?
  4. Where did Billy get put when he didn't have anyone?
  5. How old was Billy when his parents got killed?
  6. Why do the family go to a nursing home?
  7. When Billy was a adult, what did he work as?
  8. Who was the girls name that Billy developed a crush with?
  9. At the end of the movie, what did Billy's younger brother say?
  10. What was Billy's real name at the age of 18?

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