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  • Best Bands?
    "Breaking Benjamin Three Days Grace Within Temptation Evanescence Xandria We Are The Fallen and many more "
  • Very bored and shy
    "Forever alone............."
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: *grins* What did I do? Me: Told you he can get annoying"
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: *looks around for anymore meat* Ahh there's no more. Oh well"
  • *Melts into shadows*
    "Hello again"
  • Very bored and shy
    "I think it's possible Jayden: *grins* I see someone blushing. *wags tail*"
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: Thank you, your the first to actually say that. Me: Oh my god it's a miracle Jayden has actually said thank you for the very "
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: *smiles and sits up* Really? Me: I wonder where this is going to lead to"
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: Aw man that's one thing I hate about being half vampire. *lays down and covers fangs with paws*"
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: Ooookaaay. *wonders why she is staring at me* Me: Awk-ward"
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: *tilts head to the side* What?"
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: Everyone tells me that yet they look at me like I'm some freak. Which is very awesome for me! *shifts into ashy brown wolf with sea ..."
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: *throws some chewed up fries at zilla* There you go now you have more. *grins*"
  • Yo! People With...
    "Hmm well it appears for me that my white plastered ceiling is what's up. Ah I wanted blue sky."
  • Very bored and shy
    "Jayden: Hmm same here *continues eating fries* Me: Sorry forgot to mention that Jayden is half werewolf half vampire. Jayden: "

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