Don't leave me hanging part 37

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Welcome to the thirty-seventh part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I'm just getting worse and worse at releasing these parts on time; I'm sorry DX

Recap: Kalia was hit in the arm by a thrown knife by Quincy, and you had to land. Some power took over your body to heal her, and you're pretty sure it had something to do with Dominic, who's getting more mysterious by the minute. Logan's wolves found you, but back-up, in the form of a semi-fire elemental named Charlotte (Charlie), saved you, called Kris, and is now driving you back to the rendezvous point, the park.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. A bump in the road jolts you from your nap. You lift your head up only enough to reaffirm that you're still on the road and nothing needs to be done before you lay back down again, snuggling back into the warmth of your nap.
  2. As you're about to fall back asleep, a dim, questioning thought occurs to you, how are you lying down? As you think about it more, you remember going to sleep sitting straight up and merely tilting your head back before falling asleep, yet right now, your head is resting on something to your right. Raising your head again, you find that what you've been lying on and snuggling up to is Justin's shoulder.
  3. You sit up, straight as a poker, glad for the moment that Stella isn't in this car because you know you'd never hear the end of it if she was. You want to go back to sleep, but, closing your eyes, you find you can't. It seems that even that little bit of thinking got your brain moving, and now, you're too awake to go to sleep readily. You glance out the window to your left, noticing while doing that that Kris is sleeping with his head resting on the window, moving his mouth slowly as if mumbling something. Outside, all is still black, and the surrounding landscape rushes past nearly imperceptibly. The only light comes from the car's headlights and dashboard.
  4. Speaking of the dashboard, you look at the time. It reads 4:19. "We'll be there in about 10," Charlie says, looking up into the rear view mirror to catch eye contact with you. She must've seen you getting up. "Mkay," you reply, barely raising your voice over a whisper both because you don't want to wake anyone up and because at this time of tranquility of pre-dawn, it seems improper and unecessary to speak in anything louder.
  5. You sit and watch the clock in a kind of zombied way as you slowly wake your mind up. The numbers seem to sneaking along, freezing when you concentrate on it, yet slipping by once you look away. It reminds you of school again when you used to watch the clock until the end of class, and it would seem that the clock was moving slowly on purpose.
  6. Just that little thought and you're already nogstalgic for school who would've ever guessed you'd feel this way about school? Getting up really early, running to catch the bus before you're fully awake... Yeah, maybe you weren't actually SO eager to get back to that. "So, any reason you're staring at your friend like that?" Charlie asks. You're pulled out of thought with a start. You hadn't noticed that the car had stopped moving already; neither had you noticed that you were staring at Justin absentmindedly until that moment.
  7. "Oh, um, no? I was just spacing out," you laugh nervously, a little embarrassed that you were so oblivious to your environment for that moment. "Thought so," Charlie smiles, "Anyway, I don't think I caught your name...? I'd hate to keep calling you "the Milia" like you're an object or something." "Oh, I'm _______," you introduce yourself, adding on, "And he's Justin." "Cool," Charlie nods then smiles mischieviously, "Now, _______, Kalia, how do you feel about waking these two with some pizazz?"
  8. Charlie reaches out and turns on the radio, quickly spinning the volume dial to the max. Pump it. LOUDER. Pump it. LOUDER. And say, oh oh oh oh, and say, oh oh oh oh. Yo, yo! Turn up the radio. Blast your stereo riiight now. The sound of the Black Eyed Peas singing Pump it blasts from the tiny car speakers. Justin twitches awake and hits his head on the window. Meanwhile, Kris just sits up slowly and glares at the radio. It turns off by itself, and Kris grumbles. "Good morning. You're a ball of sunshine," Charlie grins happily at him. "Did you stop to think that that loud noise just gave us away if there are people here waiting for us?" Kris ignores her comment. "Yes, yes I did, and yes, yes there are people waiting for us... they're right over there," Charlie points to a clump of trees under which is a fire and a group of dark figures.
  9. Without hesitation, Charlie gets out of the car and waves them over. "Has she gone crazy?" Kris mumbles under his breath, moving to get out of the car too. You and Justin pile out of the car after him and face the approaching figures. Your breath catches when you realize that they're all wolves, all four of them.
  10. The large lead wolf catches your eye first because it's on fire. Or... made of fire? It is. The whole of its body is shaped by rippling flames, giving the impression of wind-tousled fur. As it walks, it leaves behind smoldering pawprints of embers that extinguish themselves slowly, fading from hot orange to deep gold to dark red, and, finally to black ashes. This must have been what you saw as a fire when you were in the car. The three wolves following behind are in a triangular formation with a wolf with copperish red fur in the front followed by another of the same color and a large black wolf. The triad of colors looks familiar to you, and you relax.
  11. Those three wolves morph into their human forms: Marisa, Eva, and Max. Meanwhile, the fire wolf goes up to Charlie. "It is done here," it tells her. "Thanks Ignius," Charlie beams, "Everyone, this is Ignius, my fire guardian. He kept Logan's people away and already took out the few that were waiting to ambush us here." "Well, when I got here, they had already taken care of it," Ignius indicates with his head to Marisa's pack.
  12. "Luna was worried what state you'd all come back in, so we came here to meet you. We found a ragtag bunch of uninvited underlings having their own party here while waiting for you. It wasn't hard to send them on their way, and we were just talking with Ignius here about what happened," Marisa says. "So you heard about..." Kris starts. "That snotty nosed brat turning tail on us? Yeah, and I can say it hardly surprises me," Marisa replies rather bluntly. "Still, I would've thought... even though she was difficult at times, she would've stayed... for Owen at least," Eva speaks up albiet softly.
  13. "Don't go feeling all bad for him yet, sis," Marisa warns, "Because they were close, we still don't know if he knew about her real loyalty." It's a good point, you realize, What if, this whole time, BOTH of them were really just working for Blake and showing up at Jack's for appearances sake. Still, you don't want to believe it. Emilia being a traitor felt different than if Owen was one because he always seemed just... kinder. It blows your mind to think that someone like him could be a traitor, but then again, you never know...
  14. "Earth to _______. Come in, _______." You look up to see Justin in front of you. He smiles, "Nice to have you back from space." You stick your tongue out at him, and you notice that everyone else seems to have moved away. "What are supposed to be doing?" you ask Justin. "I think we're just waiting. We're the first group to come back, so we're still missing Oceana, Lacey, Cory, Stella, and Jack." You nod, taking a glance through of where everyone else has gone. Kris is by the passenger side of the car, probably seeing to Kalia and healing her. Charlie is lounging by the base of a tree with Ignius by her side, and Marisa's pack is back to where they were, farther down the park.
  15. "I guess we should just find a place to sit," you propose. Looking around, you spot a large willow tree with a nice grassy spot to sit that isn't too far away from the car. "Let's go there," you suggest, taking Justin's hand and leading him to the willow. The soft, newly emerged leaves make hardly any noise brushing together as you part the curtain of hanging branches. Entering the area encapsulated by the branches feels like stepping over the threshold into a new place. It's kind of like that place in your mind you go; separate from the world, yet still part of it. The roots of the tree are massive, and, at points, protrude out of the ground which makes for great seating.
  16. You and Justin sit next to each other on the same root, and you lean back, breathing in deeply. After all the rush, just waiting here seems odd because of the inconsistency with the rest of your night. You're tired. There's only so much time a person can go fearing for a surprise attack around the corner without some rest. Yet, you know that this rest, as peaceful as it is in the embrace of the willow's branches, is only that: a rest. You can't allow yourself to completely unwind and relax because the others could come in at any time, in any condition, and with anyone following them. This is merely a pause with the potential of ending at any time which doesn't exactly help you relax. However, you feel like you need to relax soon before you explode from all this built up anxiety.
  17. "I think we'll all need to crash when this is over," Justin speaks up, breaking the silence. "You light weight," you tease him, nudging his arm with your elbow. "Oh, come on, you can't tell me you don't want to go to your room and lie down on your big, soft, comfy bed, close your eyes, and drift away on the downy wings of an angel," Justin says, and you have to admit that that's sounds appealing. Really appealing right about now. You're so overtired that as he speaks, your eyelids start to fall, lulled by thoughts of snuggling into your sheets and resting your head on the fluffy softness of your pillow.
  18. You shake yourself awake. Now wasn't the time yet to sleep. You stick a tongue out at Justin, "Going all poetic on me? Not fair." "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood/And sorry I could not travel both/And be one traveler, long I stood/And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth..." Justin promptly recites, holding his arm out like a royal proclaimer from the Medieval times. You can't help but start giggling like crazy near the end of the stanza because of the overexaggerated serious expression on his face, and soon after he utters the last line, he starts laughing too.
  19. You both laugh way past what's called for, and even though both of you are trying to stifle the laughter, it's impossible. Laughter keeps bubbling out, and Justin even falls off the root from a combination of laughing too hard and trying too hard to stop laughing which causes both of you to laugh even harder until you're gasping for air. It's like all the built-up stress you had from this past night transformed into this laughter, and it was just a relief for you to laugh and just let it go.
  20. Eventually, you die down into half-breathed giggles due to lack of intake of air. "Everyone out there... probably thinks we're crazy," you gasp out between giggles. "Well, it's true; we've always been one crazy bunch since that first day when you came up to me on the bus and asked if I could 'hear you sit'," Justin laughs. You blush a little as you remember that embarrassing moment 5 years ago on the bus when you first met Justin. What you were really trying to do was ask if you could sit there. "All those loud guys, and me not knowing anyone, I was nervous. Mixing up a couple words was only to be expected," you stick your tongue out him, "You're not exactly Mr. Smooth either. Remember that time..."
  21. "Oh, no. I know I fumble over words. No need for examples," Justin backs down, blushing even though you hadn't mentioned anything yet. He's probably walking himself through all sorts of awkward things he's said. You laugh before getting thoughtful, "Justin?" He looks up at you in attention because of your change in tone, "Yeah, _______?" "I... thank you for staying with me through all of this... you didn't have to, and I bet you never expected you'd sign up for stuff like this that day," you tell him. "Oh... you don't have to thank me for... um, being your friend... What kind of person would I be if I got scared off by a couple angels and werewolves?" Justin replies, still blushing over something he said.
  22. "You'd still be you, though, you'd be a scaredy-cat too," you reply, "Oh that rhymes!" Justin just laughs and hugs you. You hug him back, tightly, and he hugs you tighter. It ends up turning into a hugging competition to see who can squeeze hug tighter. In the end, you're pretty sure that you won, but both of you are lying on the grass under the tree, worn out and out of breath from laughing while getting squeeze hugged.
  23. Outside, though, it sounds like more serious matters are happening because you can hear people's voices rising and falling where there was only the sighs of the willow before. You take a deep breath and sit up. Through the curtain of the willow leaves, you can just discern standing shapes moving about by the car. There doesn't seem to be enough commotion to signal a fight, however. You push yourself up, and, next to you, Justin gets up too. "Is something up?" he asks. "Yeah, I think someone's returned," you answer. "Let's go see then," he suggests, leading the way.
  24. When you get there, you find that the new arrivals are Stella, Jack, and Oceana. Stella and Jack look like they just fought their way through a pit of brambles, but Oceana looks rather put together. Except for a little mussing up of her hair and a couple of wrinkles in her dress, she looks about the same now as she did before the party. All of them don't look injured, thankfully, though Stella looks a little faint, leaning on Jack. Looking pale like that apparently doesn't translate to a loss of strength, though, because the moment she sees you and Justin, she barrels over and tackle hugs both of you.
  25. "Oh my goodness! I was so afraid when I didn't see you two here at first! Are you okay? I heard both Logan and Quincy went after you, _______! How did you get away? And YOU, Justin! How did you get away from the bar? Is anyone after you? What... Oh my..." Stella frets. "We're fine, Stella. What about you?" you ask. "Me? Oh nothing like what must've happened to you with Quincy and Logan," Stella makes up a disgusted face at their names, "Jack and I just gave a couple of those people a taste of what it's like to mess with the Lumini siblings. Then I teleported us all the way here." She lets you and Justin up and sits in front of you where you can better see her state. "It looks more like they got a taste of you," Justin comments, indicating at the ripped fabric of her dress. "I know, they ruined it," Stella says, sounding a lot more distressed over the dress than her actual condition, "Ah well, at least it was Logan's money."
  26. Justin shakes his head, muttering under his breath, "Priorities..." Jack walks over, "Since Ellie isn't fussing over you still, you two are fine?" You and Justin nod the affirmative. Jack nods in unison, "Good," he replies, rather simply, biting his lip. "Just wanted to let you know that Oceana just came from the house. The others are there, and they have something to tell us, so we're all going back." Stella nods, "Okay, I'll bring Justin and _______, then I guess? We'll be waiting, slowpoke." "Yeah, see you there," Jack half-waves.
  27. Stella turns to watch him walk away and mutters, "I wish he wouldn't be like that." "Be like what?" you inquire. "Falsely happy. It's a lame cover. He should never be an actor. I can tell; he's frustrated about last night and how it turned out," Stella explains. "Oh... he feels responsible, doesn't he?" you ask. "Yeah. I can tell he's feeling guilty. I don't know why he feels he has to paste on a smile for everyone else, though," Stella sighs, "I mean, Kris has no problem showing everyone else when he's grumpy." "Well, they're two different people," you point out. "Yeah, true. Anyway, what are we doing here in the grass? We're going to miss all the good parts of the story if we sit here any longer," Stella insists, standing up and brushing grass off her dress.
  28. Stella teleports you, then Justin, back to the living room at Kris's house, and, as she predicted, you arrived before Jack and the rest. The only person you see here is Cory who's sound asleep on the couch. "Hm, find someone else or wake him up," Stella ponders, "... Wake him up." With a devilish grin, she takes out her white feathered masquerade mask, which, miraculously, she still had with her. "Ehh... should we stop her?" Justin mutters to you. "Uh... hm... Nah..." you whisper back to him, and he laughs, quieting down when Stella shoots him a be-quiet look.
  29. Stella tickles Cory's face with the tips of the feathers on her mask, and you watch as Cory twitches and rolls over to avoid the feathers. Too bad for him, that as Kris found out before that morning that you woke him up, the couch is not very wide at all, and he ends up falling off with a huge badoom. Stella darts off to hide behind you and Justin. "Oh shizz, I didn't think he'd fall off!" she whispers, her voice stressing to a high pitch.
  30. The three of you watch as Cory sits up, holding his head. Cory props open one teal eye to look at the three of you. "Who... Stella," Cory stares at her, standing up, still holding the back of his head. "Hey! Where's 'innocent until proven guilty?' You can't just point fingers at people," Stella pipes up, opening up her eyes wider in an expression of innocence. "It's not pointing fingers if you know," Cory mumbles, getting quieter by the moment as he collapses back onto the sofa, "Is it just you three back?"
  31. "Nope it's us too!" Charlie shouts as she runs from behind you and jumps onto the sofa Cory's on, causing him to bounce up into the air a little before falling back onto the sofa with an oof. He sits up, with his hand on his head again, "You girls are rough. Do you like torturing me?" Charlie cocks her head to the side, "Well, it's amusing..."
  32. "Amusing matters aside, hadn't better get down to business soon?" Marisa asks, coming in with her pack and Ignius. "Yes, I'm sure everyone wants to catch some sleep as soon as we wrap this all up," Oceana remarks, coming in with Jack, Stella, Kris, and Kalia. "Take your seats then," Luna claps twice, sweeping into the room from the guest wing of the house, "Let's get down to business..."
  33. Two announcements before I go (yes, I always do seem to have announcements): Firstly, TheRecklessBam and I are collaborating to create Infusion, a quiz series that mixes her story and mine together. Part 1 is out, and we'd love if you could check it out and offer some feedback :) Secondly, I'm opening up my website today, so you can check that out too. Now, down to business, who do you like?

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