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Welcome to the thirty-eighth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I'm sorry, there is a lot of talk in this one, but I tried to break it up occasionally. Also, kindly ignore the bad picture of Anima to the left. I tried making a background for the bird, couldn't get it to look right, and ran out of patience.

Recap: You went to rendevous at the park where Marisa's pack and Ignius, Charlie's fire wolf guardian, were waiting. You spent some time destressing with Justin before Jack and Stella arrived. Oceana came soon after, bringing news that everyone else was at the house and had something important to discuss.

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  1. "I'll be right with you all," Luna says, walking into the dining room as everyone gets seated one way or another, on the floor, on a couch arm, or actually in a seat. You end up next to Cory on the sofa with Charlie on his other side. Naturally, with this seating arrangement, things can't stay calm for long.
  2. Charlie and Cory start up a poke fight, and, at a call to action from Charlie, you team up with her against Cory who is quite the formidable adversary at poke fighting. Somehow, he manages to catch both of your arms behind his back and Charlie's arms in one hand, leaving him free to tickle both of you interchangibly. For the second time this morning, you feel yourself gasping and laughing until your sides hurt and Luna re-enters the room, and Cory lets you both go. You fall behind his back and Charlie falls in front of him after being released, both of you looking frazzled while he looks perfectly innocent as if he had merely been in the middle between two rambunctious people.
  3. Everyone except Luna is giving you three a puzzled look as you right yourself, brushing your now wild hair out of your face and pretending to be perfectly composed. Luna just looks mildly interested as she goes around the room with a tray and serves everyone a mug of steaming hot chocolate. You shoot an accusatory glance at Cory before turning around and graciously accepting your cup of cocoa with a thanks to Luna. Once that's done, Luna herself sits down criss-cross style on the floor in the middle of everyone like it's story-telling time at school.
  4. You warm you hands up on the ceramic of the mug and blow the cocoa lightly to cool it, distractedly watching the marshmallows float around in response to your breath like little rafts on the surface of the drink. "Where's Lacey?" Jack inquires, as if suddenly realizing her absence. "She's resting in a guest room; she fainted as soon as... well how about I just tell you all that happened?," Luna offers.
  5. Without needing much prompting, Luna continues, "When I didn't hear anything from anyone by 2AM, I was getting antsy. I didn't want to interrupt, so I called Marisa. She told me all about Emilia, which Eva had overheard from Kalia's team who was told by Kalia herself of course. Why, I couldn't believe that girl turned her back on us... you children need to get your morals straight... not you dearies, of course," Luna assures you all with a sweet voice before changing right back into her normal tone, "Anyway, because she knew where you all were supposed to meet up, I asked that Marisa bring Eva and Max there to protect the area or to carry you all back at the very least. What I wasn't expecting but should've is that Emilia told about the location of this house as well."
  6. "What?" Jack exclaims, "I can't believe she'd do that... what happened? Are you okay?" "Oh, calm yourself, son, I was just getting to that," Luna says, upset at being interrupted in the middle of her story, "Oh, where was I... oh about an hour or two ago, maybe 5 or 6 people crashed in through this wall back here. Thankfully, one of Lacey's people was able to fix it; it was terribly drafty. Anyway, it's good Anima was here because she warned me, and we got ready to ambush them at the foot of the stairs." "Luna! You were going to fight them?" Jack interrupts looking concerned. "It's mother to you, Jackie, and, contrary to what you might think, I do have a couple moves up my sleeve. I'd also like if you could stop interrupting my story or this will take an hour longer than it has to," Luna scolds him.
  7. Jack sits back, looking reproved, and presses his lips together. Satisfied, Luna continues, "Anyhow, Anima and I never had to take that step. Lacey rushed in through the front door with her team and Cory. I don't know how they found out, but they started fighting off the intruders and won. However, Lacey collapsed as soon as the last intruder turned the corner to run away. Naturally, we all ran to her, but again, thankfully, Anima was near. There was still one more intruder left in the house who had probably come in through an alternate entrance - maybe she actually used a door - and was about to attack Cory when Anima flew down and distracted her for enough time for the rest of us to turn around and fight. We subdued the girl and have her captive for questioning," Luna concludes.
  8. "I notified Lacey's people to start constructing a protection spell around the house, and it should be up and ready by the time we're done here. It can't last forever though, now that they know, we'll have to move in a couple days. Anyway, that can wait until tomorrow, as well as questioning of our captive," Luna adds on as Jack stands up, "You all need rest, but first tell me exactly how all of this went downhill."
  9. It's a difficult question because not even you, who was in the middle of most of the trouble, knows exactly how this all went down. However, in taking turns to piece together the story, it all starts to become clearer. One thing you notice, though, is that everyone, even you, neglect to mention any of the personal sidestories that intersected the main thread of the mission.
  10. After hearing how everyone tells the downfall of the mission, Luna nods and summarizes, "It seems that Emilia was a capable actress as it was she was the one who led you all, person by person into the foyer where Quincy waited. Because the only people who were sent against you were from Logan's team or those close to Quincy, I think most of the Blake's elites were likely not informed of your prescence. That is one thing that you have to thank that Emilia's betrayal did not lead to your capture or worse."
  11. "But why not tell his leaders so we'd be caught easier?" Kalia asks, and you're glad to see that see looks a little livelier, perhaps Kris's healing was able to help her. "My guess is that Emilia didn't tell Blake, otherwise that certainly would have been the case," Luna responds. You mull over this information and sip at your warm cocoa, wondering how Blake felt now if he truly didn't know about all this plotting behind his back. You feel a pang of guilt. First you betray his heart and him by stepping out to foil his plans then he finds out that a plan was going on behind his back by his own people. You scowl into your cocoa, frustrated at yourself for even feeling sorry for Blake, the person who's caused such trouble.
  12. "Why hide it from him though?" Stella asks. "Well, it fits her sneaking, low personality," Marisa comments distastefully, "She probably is in such a habit of slinking around and decieving everyone that her shallow brain never spoke up to tell her that telling Blake would help her." There's a silence as the sting of Emilia's betrayal is recalled by Marisa's strong words. "Unless it wouldn't help," Oceana speaks up. "How would it not help her to have more people backing her plan?" Marisa demands.
  13. "Unless... unless she knew that Blake wouldn't agree," Kalia realizes. It suddenly dawns on you, "She said it was personal against me. If she had told Blake, he would take charge, and she wouldn't be able to call the shots on what happens to me. I think she told Quincy to do it because she seems to have the higher position than him, and he's in charge of the prison, so if she caters to him by giving him the credit for catching me, she can do what she likes." "My head hurts," Stella groans, "I hate people politics."
  14. "I think you're right, _______. So I've understood from Owen, Quincy only recently got the promotion to warden, and he's moving up the ranks quickly. Because Emilia was so involved with Blake's innermost decisions, she probably promised him that she'd be able to increase his position even more," Luna declares, "And the brings us to your point, Stella. Blake's team is riddled with politics because the bond that holds them together is based on convenience and power. Though their numbers are greater, we have the advantage there. We'll have to talk about that aspect later, Jack, Kris." Jack and Kris nod equally silent, which is a first.
  15. The momentary silence is broken by a snore. Cory's fallen asleep next to you, his head lolling on Charlie's shoulder. "I guess we should all be going to sleep soon, but we do have one last thing to deal with. That necklace," Luna points to the amethyst pendant resting against your skin, "You said it is indeed the real thing and that the spirits inside have intervened several times through the night?"
  16. You nod and frown, "To be honest, having it so close to me makes me anxious because I don't know what they're capable of or exactly what they're planning. I can't even take it off." "Then communication is key, _______," Luna says wisely, "Tomorrow, then, we have 3 big duties. We must question two types of prisoners and divine what their purposes are, and we must figure where we will move." "So when does 'tomorrow' start?," Charlie asks. Luna looks at a watch on her wrist, "Three in the afternoon seems a reasonable time, does it not?" That's roughly 9 hours.
  17. It seems like the talk is winding down, so you decide to finish the last of your hot chocolate in one gulp, transferring the warmth of the liquid to your stomach where is curls up comfortably. You stare into the remnants left at the bottom of your cup absent-mindedly as you're dimly aware of Charlie being interrogated for wearing a party dress. The soft hum of voices is as good as a lullaby, and your eyelids feel so heavy that they keep dropping, and you have to fight to keep raising them. You have to stay awake for the rest of the talk... what was it about now? All you can hear is a pleasant, soft buzz of conversation as you let your head drop along with your eyelids, and you're out.
  18. The next thing you know, something is tickling your nose. You scrunch up your nose to avoid the feeling and go back to sleep, but it persists, and you sneeze, automatically opening your eyes afterwards. Your eyes meet with soft black eyes and give a start at how close they are to you, trying to distance yourself backwards so that you can see what exactly is happening.
  19. "Anima!" you exclaim, realizing that it was in fact just your bird familiar that you had woken up next to. She chirps the equivalent of a greeting and hops onto your hand. You raise your hand to eye level, feeling incredibly like Mary Poppins as you do, and smooth back Anima's feathers as you pet her soft feathery head and try to figure out what happened. It seems you're back in your bed on the third floor, though you don't remember ever having walked here. In fact, the last thing you remember is drinking the last bit of your hot chocolate before you feel asleep... In the middle of the discussion! Well, at least Cory had earlier, so at least you had lasted longer than him.
  20. You glance over at your clock and get up in alarm; it's 3:30 in the afternoon, and Luna had said things were starting at 3. There's no doubt about it, your sleeping schedule is severely messed up. After putting Anima back on your bed, you do your morning routine, throwing on a simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt, and start walking downstairs. Anima flies over and perches on your shoulder, rubbing on your neck like a content cat and even making soft purring-like sounds. She's being quite affectionate at your return, and you wonder if she knew that you were in danger.
  21. You shake your head for being silly as you descend the main staircase 2 steps at a time. She's just a bird; she was probably just missing a warm body to cuddle up next to. Downstairs, everything's a bustle of people walking through and eating breakfast in every way from nibbling cookies to gracefully stuffing scrambled eggs down their throats while they walk. You realize that you have no idea who some of these people even are as they pass by, unaware of your presence.
  22. You finally stir yourself and enter the dining room in order to get to the kitchen. Sitting at the table are Cory with a huge breakfast spread in front of him, Kalia picking apart a muffin of indeterminate flavor, and Oceana eating a sandwich of unknown type very thoughtfully. "Ah, sleeping beauty has awoken and without her prince's kiss!" Cory exclaims, seeming very much awake and maybe even a little hyper.
  23. "Hi everyone, yeah, I'm up," you say a little sheepishly, remembering that you fell asleep in the middle of the meeting last night - actually just this morning. Kalia smiles and murmurs, "Hello, I hope you had a good sleep" and Oceana greets you too. She then offers, "Can I get you something to eat?"
  24. "Oh, don't worry about it; I can get something myself," you smile as you enter the kitchen where you find leftover pizza. You're feeling both lazy and a need to be quick about eating in order to catch up with everyone else, so you just put the cold slice on a plate and walk back into the dining room, deciding to skip warming it back up. "So could someone bring me up to date?" you request, taking a seat at the table.
  25. "Well after you feel asleep, Stella teleported you back to your room," Kalia tells you, "We didn't really talk about too much after that." "Yeah, two people falling asleep basically announced the end of the meeting. Aren't you glad to be a force of change with me?" Cory grins at you. "'If sleeping even counts as activism," you stick your tongue out at him. "A lot of the extended allied teams came to visit too," Oceana says, "Part of mine is here, part of Kalia's too, and all of Lacey's."
  26. "What about Charlie's?" you ask, noticing that she wasn't mentioned. Oceana looks thoughtful, "Huh. I don't know. I haven't seen her. Have you, Kalia?" Kalia shakes her head a negative, but Cory speaks up, "She and Luna left earlier to go to her headquarters. Don't know what for." Cory simply shrugs and goes back to eating. "What they could they be talking about?" you wonder out loud. No sooner than you voicing your question does the door to the living room open, and Luna pops her head into the dining room.
  27. "Oceana, there you are. Are you done eating? I'd like to talk to you and your team for a bit," she says, adding on, "Oh, good afternoon, _______. I hope you had a good sleep?" "Yes, thanks for asking," you answer her. "Good," she nods, "Okay, Oceana, right this way. Cory, Kalia, _______, if you would please find Jack and Kris and have them assemble a meeting in the backyard in about an hour? I'll see you all there." "See you later," Oceana smiles back at you as she follows Luna out the door.
  28. A minute passes before Cory speaks up, "That was weird." "I get the feeling she isn't telling us something," you say, absent-mindedly rubbing the amethyst of the Spirit Necklace in your agitation. "I wonder if she'll tell us," Kalia says, looking thoughtfully at your necklace. She tilts her head to the side and narrows her eyes slightly, "_______?" "Yeah?" you respond, conciously removing your hand from the necklace under her look. "What happened to that necklace you were wearing last night? The one shaped like a heart?" she inquires.
  29. ~ Just barely under a month since part 37. Ugh. I'm mad at myself for not preparing these sooner, especially because I've been noticing that the newest quiz list has recently lacked many established series updates - where'd everyone go? D: This part would have been out earlier today except for a tiny mishap of my brain which you can read about on my site which I actually did link this time, but if it doesn't work: xxblutixx(.)weebly(.)com without the parentheses, and it should work. I'll also be posting there about a contest idea I have in mind; I'll post a comment when I do put that up. Anyway, who do you like?

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