The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 6

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Hey guys I hope you enjoy this part and this time the picture has nothing to do with the quiz, it's just a picture of White Fang for those who are wondering what he looks like. Oh and I have a question for you guys. Which guy do you like the most and why? Let me know in the comments and yes you could say White Fang if you want, even though he's not a result

Shane~ Light brown hair, emerald green eyes, nice tan and body, his smile is to die for, Vampire. Drake~ Dark brown hair that's close to black with blonde highlights, icy blue eyes that look like they can see right through your soul, nice tan, amazing body and lean muscles, Werewolf. Omar~ Dirty blonde hair, bright amber eyes, amazing tan, fit body and lean muscles. Immortal with powers. Aaron~ Coal black hair, golden eyes, dimples, amazing body and muscles. Fallen Angel

Created by: Cometlight

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  1. Alright so where we last left off you guys were attacked by a Lich, you found out what powers you have and now White Fang is snarling at you to tell him about the Hellhound
  2. "Enough princesa!" He snarled viciously, you were taken aback by his attitude as White Fang has never acted this way towards you. "Now tell me the truth because I know your lying, what Hellhound." He snarled viciously. You glared at White Fang but deep inside you were scared that if you don't tell him he might attack you, no White Fang wouldn't do that. Would he? Your hands closed into a fist as your anger began to built up, you closed your eyes and inhaled deeply. "I just told you White Fang. I don't know what your talking about." You said through gritted teeth, White Fang flicked his tail and narrowed his eyes. "Don't lie to me princesa before we took you to the lab you told me that someone told you that Delgado has rised again. I need to know because I know only one Delgado and he can't be trusted, what Hellhound were you thinking about." He growled as his fangs started to spark with electricity. Your eyes widened and you began to calm down as curiosity flowed throughout your body, you were wondering who Delgado is and everything else about the Hellhound that visited you but you weren't sure if you should tell White Fang or not.
  3. "Why did you read my mind?" You asked but it sounded more demanding, White Fang flicked his tail again and smirked. "Don't change the subject princesa now tell me before I completely lose my temper, what Hellhound." You sighed softly and nodded as you decided that it might be the best to tell White Fang, you then heard the sound of multiple feet coming up the stairs. You looked over at White Fang and thought in your head. 'I'll tell you but the guys can't know about this, not now.' White Fang gave a small nod as he heard your thought. 'Alright hmmm maybe now would be a good time to test out your Telekinesis. Concentrate on the door and think about it closing shut and being locked.' He replied to you in your mind, you nodded and looked over at the door you concentrated as you narrowed your eyes. The door then suddenly slammed shut and locked by itself.
  4. You sighed softly and walked over to your bed, well tried but White Fang mostly helped you as you were still weak from the the Lich attack. You sat down on your bed and grabbed one of the silk pillows, you placed the pillow onto your lap and put your elbows on top of the pillow. White Fang jumped onto the bed and sat down in front of you, he gazed at you and lowered his head. "Alright princesa now tell me about the Hellhound." You nodded and took a deep breath, you explained everything to White Fang starting from your dream to when the Hellhound visited you but you didn't tell him about the ankle bracelet and that your the next air to the throne of the neutral. White Fang nodded and sighed softly, he shifted position and laid down on his stomach but he wast still facing in front of you. "Well I guess that I should tell you about Delgado then."
  5. You cracked your knuckles and gave a small nod, White Fang sighed softly and looked at you with a serious expression. "Well it's not something that I like to remember but by what you've told me I think the Hellhound that visited you is Delgado. Delgado is a Hellhound that is on the dark side he can't be trusted and I learned that the hard way. Delgado and I known each other since we were pups we did everything with each other until the war started. We were torn apart as I was driven towards the light side and Delgado was driven towards the dark side, I was unaware at the time that he had joined the dark side but one day Delgado found me and claimed that he was on the light side. I believed him and we continued on hanging out with each other, that is until a light side hunting patrol was ambushed. I was part of the hunting patrol and when we were ambushed I instantly recognized one of the dark side members and it was Delgado. We were outnumbered 10 to 34 but we still fought. I took out 5 members using my powers of electricity but it wasn't enough. I was pinned down by Delgado and before I was knocked out he told me 'There's always more that meets the eye White Fang, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' For 3 months I was tortured and abused in that stupid facility." White Fang growled but you could see a tear fall from his eyes and onto the blanket. You then hugged White Fang and buried your nose into his fur, his fur was soft and it smelled musty and sort of herbal with a hint of pomegranates but you always liked that smell on his fur.
  6. You hugged White Fang for a matter of minutes until you released him and sighed softly, White Fang shuddered as it was clear that he didn't like remembering. You scratched him behind his ears and smiled lightly. "That's why you had a hard time trusting me when I first got you, isn't that right White Fang?" White Fang nodded and looked down at his paws. "Yeah it was hard for me to trust anybody after that but somehow you managed to break through me and I respect you for that, many others have tried and failed epically I don't even really trust any of the guys. That's why I'm so over protective of you it's because I care about and I'm afraid to lose you, also because your the only one I trust and if I lose you I won't have anybody else to trust." You began to cry after hearing what White Fang said but you wiped the tears away and smiled lightly. "White Fang I'm not going anywhere, trust me." You said softly and kissed him on his head, he smiled and nudged you with his muzzle. "Thank you princesa and I'm sorry that I snarled at you but like I said I'm too over protective of you and I admit that, but I want you to stay away from Delgado okay." You gave a small nod. "But I'm the only one that can see him." "We'll find a way but for now just stay away from him, please princesa." "Alright White Fang I will I promise, I'm going to sleep cause I'm exhausted." You yawned, White Fang chuckled and laid down beside you. "Okay princesa." You laid down and pulled the warm blankets over you, you placed your head on the pillow and soon fell asleep.
  7. You were soon surrounded by darkness and you felt like it was calling to you but you held back. "Delgado where are you I know your here!" You yelled and searched the shadows for any sign of the Hellhound. "I'm right here my child so what seems to be the problem?" "Don't act like you don't know you lied to me, I thought you were on the neutral but it turns out that your on the dark side aren't you!" "So you say but I don't like to live in the past but by your attitude I'm guessing that White Fang told you his side of the story." "What do you mean by his side of the story?" "You still have much to learn young one as there is always two sides to a story, White Fang has told you his and now it is my turn to tell you mine. So my child have you ever heard of a Skinwalker?" "Yeah that's one of the supernatural beings that's engraved in one of the crystals in my ankle bracelet that you gave me." "Ah so you have examined the crystals well done my child, now moving on. I was part of the dark side but when I found out that White Fang had joined the light side I felt drawn to follow him but I couldn't so I lied to him. When the dark side found out that I was friends with a being from the light side they cornered me and locked me up in one of the most guarded cells. They hired a Skinwalker to shift into me and make it seem like I had betrayed White Fang, to this day I have been trying to get to him and your the only connection that I have to him." "So what your just using me and why is it that I'm the only one that can see you!?!?" "Calm down my child first no I'm not using you and second your the only one that can see me because I'm using one of my powers known as Cloaking. It keeps me hidden from being seen by anybody except for those that I allow to see me but the thing is that only one may be able to see me and I chose you. I have to stay hidden for I can't have the dark side find me, you must believe me my child for I am telling the truth." He said softly and lowered his head, you listened to his voice carefully and it didn't sound like he was lying. Something in you was also telling you that he was being honest. "I know you can tell that I'm not lying young one, that's what happens when you have the power Enhanced Senses all your senses are built up to the max so you can tell if somebody is lying and all the other whatnot. You have more powers that your protectors are unaware about but you will soon learn about them in due time." "Why can't you tell me?" "Because my child I don't know about them either only you hold the key to see, I must go now but I will see you again and I will tell you more about the neutral but not now. Farewell my child until we meet again." Delgado said as his voice began to fade and you woke up, you sat up quickly and gasped for air as you tried to catch your breath
  8. White Fang drowsily opened his eyes and yawned once he felt you jerk up. "What's wrong princesa?" He yawned but his eyes were half open, you sighed softly and shook your head. "It's nothing White Fang go back to sleep I'll tell you in the morning." But White Fang was already asleep while you were saying that, you smiled and shook your head. You looked at the clock and saw that it was exactly 3:00 a.m you always heard from your friends that 3:00 a.m is the demon hour and you knew that it must be true since all the other supernatural beings exist. You yawned and laid back down but shivered as the cold air hit you, you pulled the warm blankets closer towards you and exhaled sharply. You closed your eyes but you couldn't help but feel like something was watching you, you stood up and scanned the entire room with your eyes until something caught your eye. There was a pair of glowing red eyes in the far corner of your room. "White Fang wake up." You whispered and nudged him but White Fang only shifted position and continued on sleeping. You stood up and cautiously walked over to the wall you turned on the light and the pair of glowing red eyes were no longer there, you turned off the light and glowing red eyes were there once again. "Forget this." You muttered under your breath and opened the door you walked out of your room and the hallway was pitch black, luckily your Enhanced Senses kicked in and you could see a little bit better. You walked down the hall until you reached the closest room, you opened the door to step into.
  9. You opened the door and ended up entering Shane's room, you walked over to his bed and shook him gently. "Shane?" Shane jerked awake and stood up he relaxed as he saw that it was only you. "__________what's wrong?" "I keep seeing a pair of glowing red eyes in my room and White Fang is just sleeping, so can I sleep with you?" Shane nodded as he was still sort of asleep and pulled over the blanket. You climbed in and laid down next to him, Shane pulled the blanket over you and sighed softly. His arm went over you and he hugged you, you could feel his warm breath on your neck and you soon fell asleep.
  10. You woke up a few hours later and found yourself back in your bed, Shane must have brought you back before the guys woke up. You glanced to the far end of your bed and White Fang was still asleep, you rolled your eyes and stood up as you stretched. You glanced at the clock and saw that it was 9:28 a.m you walked over to your closet and went inside. You closed the doors behind you and changed into a pair of skinny jeans, a band tee, and a pair of black and white converse. You opened the closet doors and walked out, White Fang was still asleep which was surprising since he's usually a morning person. You trotted over to your bathroom and brushed your teeth, combed your hair etc. You walked out of the bathroom and yet White Fang was still asleep, you smirked and shook your head. "That's it." You walked over to your bed and grabbed a pillow, you then tossed it at White Fang and it hit him straight on the head. He snapped opened his eyes and growled as he stretched. "Rise and shine White Fang." You smiled and walked out of your room. "Why did you wake me up I was sleeping so peacefully." He whined and you could hear him as he laid back down, you laughed and went downstairs. As always Aaron was already downstairs making breakfast, he smiled once he saw you and served you a plate of.
  11. You finished eating and placed your plate in the sink when something caught your eye, in the back of Aaron's neck stood the mark of a crystal engulfed in flames. You leaned on the counter and looked at Aaron. "Hey Aaron what do you know about the neutral?" As soon as you asked that Aaron's body posture stiffened but then his posture went back to normal like nothing. He flexed his shoulders and sighed softly. "Not much but all I know is that the neutral were made of beings from the dark side and beings from the light side, they disappeared without a trace and the dark and light have no idea what happened to them. Therefore that lead to the war beginning as the neutral always made sure that the light and dark never got into battle but once the neutral disappeared ciaos broke out and the war has been going on for about 340 years. Why do you ask?" You shrugged and shook your head. "No reason I was just curious so do you know how to identify a supernatural being that is from the neutral?" Aaron raised an eyebrow. "Yeah every being bares the mark of a crystal engulfed in flames somewhere on their body and again I ask, why do you ask?" "Like I said no reason." You smiled and walked off, you started heading towards the library as you wanted to find out how could Aaron bare the mark of the neutral and not know it

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