Love and War (c)

Okay so this is a quiz that I made. I got inspired by the person who made Unforgotten and Scary love and others, I hope he/she reads this and likes it.

So Jane is a 17 year old girl who was hurt by her boyfriend. Not telling the name... He he! I hope you all like this so much I really hope you ccontinue this and like it.

Created by: Crimson Fly21

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  1. I ran through the woods my hair fallen in my face, I cried and cried but I couldn't seem to get over the fact Ray was gone... I guess I should start from the beginning though. Here is my story.
  2. So my name is Jane and I am 17 years old. I am not emo or goth but I don't mind them. I guess my friends and I are average. We're nice and fun but we don't hang out with the populars. My friends are Kate, Justin, Ray, and Allison. So anyways, I walked up to our table and saw Allison and Justin argueing. I kissed Ray and then sat down. "What is this, horse meat?" Ray said, I laughed but Allison and Justin seemed to content on fighting. "Hey, hey, HEY!" I yelled, I realized I'd cought the attention of everyone in the lunch room, I blushed and looked at Justin and Allison. It was so hard being around a couple that fought all the time. They weren't like me and Ray. They looked at me, Justin looked like he wanted to punch Allison and Allison looked like she wanted to punch me. I rolled my eyes "Get a grip guys geesh." I said "Well if she wasn't a-" Justin was cut short by me "Hey! Shut it.." He did and finally Ray said something "Babe when we leave school you wanna come over?" I nodded excitied about going over to his house. Later after school and ran home to get changed. Ray kept argueing about me not having to but I did anyways. I changed out of uniform and into some jeans and a black t-shirt and some flip flops. I didn't know when I was walking down the street today would be the worst of my life.
  3. I ran to his house and knocked on the door, I heard his mom mumble something as I walked in but I didn't catch it. I walked up to Rays room and saw it standing open. I saw another girl in his lap and then my mouth dropped when I saw her kiss him. He saw me and pulled away. "Jane.. Hi" I suddenly knew what he wanted to talk about. I ran away and out of the house. I ran into the forest, and thats how I got here. I got a text from Justin, it read:Hey you okay? It seemed like he knew what happened. I texted back:No I'm not.. Ray dumped me. He texted back:I know.. he called, he's a jerk. I texted: Can I come over later? He texted back: Sure :) He was always like my brother. Later I walked to his house.
  4. I walked to his house and smiled as his elderly mother let me in, I climbed the stairs and up to his room. When I walked in he slapped me with a pillow. We had a mayjor pillow fight, I wasn't even thinking about Ray. After that I sat on his bed. He talked to me for hours and hours just comforting me. He held me in his arms and I felt comforted. He had his shirt off so his chest was tempting to me. I layed my head on his chest, he smelt so good... I looked up at him and saw him lean down, I hoped he was trying to kiss me.
  5. He leaned closer and before his lips brushed mine I whispered. "What about Allison?" he smiled and whispered "I never really liked her.." Then he kissed me softly, then again, I layed down on the bed and he got on top of me, we were still kissing but more rough and lovingly know..
  6. So I don't know if I'll continue this or not. I just wanted to put up some of the series. Tell me if you like it and I'll continue this.
  7. This is just stuff I have to write
  8. Bored!
  9. Yay only two more! I promise they'll be more if you like this
  10. Yay last one!

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