What Should Your Name Be?

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If you had a different name, what would it be. Well find out here! There are 5 possible names for each gender. I hope you get a good name!

The possible boy names are Brian, Roy, Joshua, Eric, and Justin. The possible girl names are Dawn, Gwen, Caitlyn, Daisy, and Emily.

Created by: Kooleo2000
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Just put in your gender one more time to make sure you don't get the opposite gender of yours.
  2. What color hair is yours?
  3. You are...
  4. You are in a fist fight, would you win or be hard to beat?
  5. What is closest to what you normally wear every day?
  6. Do you wear glasses and braces?
  7. Which is the coolest?
  8. Are you attractive?
  9. Which music genre is your favorite?
  10. Do you stick up for others?
  11. What is your hairstyle?
  12. Do you judge others by their looks and/or their athletic ability?
  13. How much time do you spend outside daily during the Summer?
  14. What is your skin color? (Sorry if this sounds racist)
  15. What do others think about you?
  16. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  17. Which food/drink is your favorite?
  18. Describe your smile:
  19. Just to make sure you get the same gender, please put it in once more!

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Quiz topic: What should Ir Name Be?