What Gender Will You First Child Be? (just For Fun)

The news of a pregnancy or that your soon to have a family is never short of a miracle- especially if its a little girl- or a little boy! Or twins! Or triplets! In short, ALL babies are little miracles.

But what miracle SHALL you have first? What gender shall be your eldest born? After all, its important to think up gender appropriate names, paint the baby's room or maybe your just curious about being a mother/father! If any of these reasons or others, then I suggest you take this quiz.

Created by: Anonamous
  1. What are you looking forward to about having children the most?
  2. What would you like to see them do at school?
  3. What are you worried about having children?
  4. What are you hoping your partner will like as a parent?
  5. How will you sort out your child's emotional problems?
  6. Pocket money time- how would you expect to dish it out? (Weekly.)
  7. Imagine your children/child as teenager/s- How will you deal with them at that, your... Usually awkward stage?
  8. Ekk, your still teenage (13) child now has a girlfriend/boyfriend. Your reaction?
  9. Rewind back to when your child was just three and is having problems sleeping as he/she is afraid of the dark. What do you do?
  10. And finally, how are you feeling about having children?

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Quiz topic: What Gender will I First Child Be? (just For Fun)