What Will Your Babies Name Be?

Ever wonder what your next or first child`s name will be? Well I created this quiz to give you few possibilities on the next or first one. They could either be a wild child. A sporty child. Or the shy quiet type. I guess you`ll never know exactly but this quiz was made to give you a few ideas.

Do you want to know the personality and name of your next or first child? Well take this quiz to find out. You won`t be too disappointed with the results.

Created by: Alexis
  1. Do you like partying?
  2. Is education important to you?
  3. Would you want to be married when you have a child?
  4. Would you be strict with your child?
  5. Do you believe in drugs?
  6. Are you aggressive?
  7. Are you a playful person?
  8. Would you spoil your child?
  9. If your child asked you about sex. What would you do?
  10. Do you like kids?

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Quiz topic: What will Ir Babies Name Be?