Are you ready to be a professional child/teen actor?

Do you have what it takes to become a professional child actor? Are you confident, talented, and persistent? Well you better be! Take this quiz to find out if you've got what it takes!

This is the quiz for you if you're asking yourself questions like: 1) Would my parents support me? 2) Can I go to school and become a child actor? 3) Does fame come with being a child actor?

Created by: Genna
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  1. Why are you taking this quiz?
  2. What is a professional teen/child actor, from your point of view?
  3. Do you think you are ready to go pro?
  4. What is your acting training/experience in a nut shell? (Choose what is closest)
  5. Have you expressed your desire to go pro to your parents?
  6. After training, what is the first step to going pro?
  7. Why is it important to have the support of your parents?
  8. Okay, now we're going to get more into seeing how educated you are on the business. It is really important to know what you're getting into so you're not taken advantage of. Okay?
  9. What does an agent do?
  10. When/if you have an agent, how many auditions will they get you per month?
  11. Say you get a job, what happens to school when you're working?
  12. So how many of the auditions that you do, do you actually get the job from?
  13. Say a famous director saw you walking on the street and asked you to star in his movie (pretty unrealistic), what do you need to do legally, (assuming you've worked it out with your school and your parents)?
  14. Every child actor has to have a specialized worker's permit issued by the state. You have to fill out a personal form (name, birthday, info. about parents, etc.) and then your school has to fill out a form that says you are maintaining academic satisfaction. So the big question is, what can happen if your grades drop?
  15. When you're working on a set, can the production company just make you do whatever they want?
  16. If you're working, does your parent/legal guardian drop you off on set and you're alone all day, or does your parent/legal guardian have to stay with you the whole time.
  17. Hope you're not feeling overwhelmed! Now we're going to do a little bit of terminology. I'm basically just going to ask for definitions. starting wiiiiith (drumroll): Headshot. Define it.
  18. Define: Resume.
  19. Define: Soundstage.
  20. Define: Banking Hours
  21. Define: Callback.
  22. Okay, now some basics. Say you got a job doing a one week gig on a TV show (lets say you're playing somebody's cousin that's staying with them and then going home). The character you're playing is your age, but nerdier than you. And they've told you they're probably going to curl your hair. How should you show up on set? (careful with this one)
  23. How do you feel about becoming a professional child actor now?

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to be a professional child/teen actor?