Does my baby have MSPI?

Does your baby have trouble digesting the proteins in dairy and/or soy? Is your babies reflux a symptom of a dairy/soy intolerance? Take this quiz to find out if your babies health issues may be related to a problem with dairy/soy proteins (MSPI). Please note that not all babies who are dairy intolerant are also soy intolerant, but about 50-60% are.

This is a tool to help you decide if dairy/soy may be an issue for your baby and is based on the typical symptoms for MSPI. It should not substitute for consulting with your baby's pediatrician or GI specialist, but should help you to understand if these proteins may be a problem and if you should consider giving your baby a dairy/soy free diet.

Created by: Reflux Rebels
  1. Does your baby seem to suffer from excess gassiness, stomach cramping, and/or bloating?
  2. Does your baby suffer from excess fussiness/"colicky behavior" and is not easily soothed?.
  3. Does your baby have trouble sleeping and seems to not be able to get comfortable? Excess gas wakes him/her frequently, constantly tossing and turning and pulling up legs to chest?
  4. Does your baby have severe reflux or vomit regularly after feeding?
  5. Is your baby constantly congested?
  6. Does your baby suffer from chronic diarrhea that tends to be acidic and cause diaper rash?
  7. Does your baby have a lot of mucus in his/her stools (see blog for pictures of what mucus stools look like)?
  8. Has blood ever been observed in your baby's stool (either visibly or with a stool sample in a doctor's office)?
  9. Does your baby suffer from chronic constipation?
  10. Does your baby have chronic eczema or persistent skin rashes? May look like baby acne, but just doesn't ever go away.
  11. Does your baby have issues gaining weight?
  12. If you baby is suffering from Acid Reflux, does he/she not seem to be responding to proper AR treatment?

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