Does everyone LOVE you?

do everyone love you or hate you? find out in this intense adventurous quiz made by the (drum role please…) Classanator! I hope you like this quiz! :D

Hi my names Cassy and im 11 years old and I love making quizzes. Check out my other ones which are: does your crush/es like you? and also How well do you know me?. have fun doing this quiz.

Created by: Kimberly73003

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your crush asks you to give him the answers to the end of the year test. you..
  2. what kind of tic tac do you like better?
  3. Your mom says you grounded for a month. No friends, electronics, or phone. You...
  4. your bff invited you to her sleepover party. Just great. you know no one. You...
  5. your boyfriend starts to make out with you at his end of the year party, luckily your 23, you...
  6. do you have a boyfriend?
  7. which would you choose?
  8. your having a picnic at your school and the lady offers you some watermelon with a slice of cheese pizza and chips ahoy cookies. You hate those things .You...
  9. what color are your eyes
  10. Your best friends dads a million air. he gives you each 475 dollars. you...
  11. what color hair do you have?
  12. did you like this quiz?

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