how would you look MANGA

there are manga people all over the world. but none can match over the all mighty ME!!! Drum role ( that was a drum role!) (i know it was pathetic)!!!!!! but there might be one just one (or a few) that could get up to my standards so keep reading to find out more, or you can just take the Test!!!!

so do you think you can match up to my standards? i don't think so! but just take the dam test and see if you can prove me wrong!!!! oh come on stop bloody reading and take the test already dam it!!

Created by: Charlie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your fav colour?
  2. what would your hair style be?
  3. how old would you make your self?
  4. what would your job be?
  5. whats your pet
  6. what skin colour would you be?
  7. what would your artier be?
  8. if you had a weapon what would it be?
  9. whats your eye colour
  10. are you a nerd
  11. are you cool?
  12. what body shape are you?

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