How well do you know your manga?

How well do you know your manga? Do you think you read a lot? Do you think you have the perfect collection of series? Do you think you are an addict? Take this quiz and see.

This test covers 30 different series, all of which I think are the most common. Plus, I chose some really simple questions that you should be able to answer easily -- assuming you are up to date with all of them...

Created by: igotangstinmypants
  1. MeruPuri: What did Aram's mother tell Airi to find towards the end of the series?
  2. Magic Knight Rayearth: Where were Hikari, Umi, and Fuu before they were transported to Cephiro?
  3. HanaKimi: What did Izumi Sano play?
  4. Paradise Kiss: When Yukari went to see Miwako's sister, what job was she applying for?
  5. Kare Kano: What was Souichiro Arima's father's reason for coming to Japan?
  6. Full Moon wo Sagas---e: In the middle of the series, we find out that Eichi is...
  7. Sailor Moon: What was Chibi-usa's (Little Lady) relationship to Usagi?
  8. Chobits: What was Chi's real name?
  9. Black Cat: In the beginning of the series, what did Train Heartnet say was his special ability?
  10. Death Note: What happened to Raito at the end of the series?
  11. Ranma 1/2: How was Ranma's mother going to kill him and his father if Ranma wasn't a 'true man'?
  12. Dragonball: Who was the last bad-guy Goku and co. had to fight before the series ended?
  13. Angel Sanctuary: Why did Alexiel hate Rosiel (Luciel)?
  14. Fruit Basket: What was Akito's secret?
  15. Bleach: When did Ichigo's sword break?
  16. D.Gray-man: In the end of Chapter 116, Allen's innocence was:
  17. DNAngel: Who kidnapped Risa in Chapter 46?
  18. Full Metal Alchemist: Which of the following was NOT a name of one of the homoculus?
  19. NANA: What was the name of Komatsu Nana's daughter?
  20. Ah My Goddess!: What element does Belldandy have control over?
  21. One Piece: Ussop is best categorized as...
  22. Ouran High School Host Club: What role is Kyouya in the 'family' Tamaki made up?
  23. Prince of Tennis: Where did Tezuka go to rehabilitate?
  24. Rave Master: How did Haru meet Plue?
  25. Saiyuki: Out of the four, who is NOT a demon?
  26. Shaman King: Out of the four, who was in Yoh's team in the tournament?
  27. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: The first feather that Syaoran and co. found was...
  28. X/1999: How did Kotori die?
  29. Marchen Awakened Romance: What was the "Danna" to Ginta?
  30. Naruto: In the first Chuunin Selection Exam Naruto participated in, who was the only one who passed?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my manga?