Ranma 1/2 Manga quiz

The quiz is on Ranma 1/2 manga. Test your knowledge to see how well you do. I hope you do well. This quiz will give you accurate results.

Your about to embark on a quiz of the Ranma 1/2 manga. See how well you can do. I hope it's not to hard for you. But if you know Ranma 1/2 really well you should do well.

Created by: sevenof9 of this site
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  1. Who does not own a pet?
  2. Who didn't sleep in Ranma's bed?
  3. Which guy did not wear girl's clothing in the manga?
  4. Who cooked the absolute worst food in the Manga?
  5. Which girl did not wear a playboy bunny outfit?
  6. Who does Ryoga think took his first kiss?
  7. Which of these guys has expressed no interest in Ranma's female form at any point?
  8. Which outfit did Ranma not wear in the manga?
  9. Which thing did Nabiki not do to get money?
  10. Hinako Hinomiya teaches what class?
  11. Which character is least likely to steal from you?
  12. Who do we know has both parents?
  13. Which of these are not dogs?
  14. Who was Ranma's first kiss?

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