What Anime/Manga girl are you?

Have you ever watched or read anime or manga? have you ever thought you want to be that girl in those fantasy's? well, guess what-this quiz will keep you on dreaming of that person you want to be in the Japanese art of manga and anime.

take a test where you have no idea of what you are going to be. *hint*: there are 5 possible answers you can be. once you found out what's your genre, just research on the internet characters like you. or, if you dont like your answer, take the quiz again!

Created by: inuyasha
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you keep up with the latest trends?
  2. Do you like risks that can get you in deep trouble?
  3. Do you imagine yourself good with weapons?
  4. whats your favorite clothes color?
  5. Do you imagine yourself with magical powers?
  6. Are you violent
  7. Which character sounds more like you? (just pick a cool name)
  8. do you ace your tests?
  9. what color of hair would you imagine having?
  10. one last question: what are you now, in real life? (wont damage test score!)

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Quiz topic: What Anime/Manga girl am I?