Are you an Anime/Manga person?

There are many, and I mean really many persons in this world that like anime and manga. Many of them are persons that watch it for fun, but there are also many persons that are complete mang/anime persons.

Are you an anime/manga person? Find out how big fan of anime/manga you are! Take the test right away! Are you really that big fan you think you are? Soon you'll find out!

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  1. Do you use Japanese words in almost every sentence?
  2. If you have a pet, is it named after an Manga or Anime character?
  3. Do you hate dubbed Anime?
  4. Do you think partly in japanese?
  5. Do you dislike persons that don't like Anime/Manga?
  6. Have you tried making your hair look like any of your favourite Manga/Anime character?
  7. Have you ever wanted that little sweatdrop to exist in real world?
  8. Are you in love with a Manga or Anime character?
  9. Do you use endings such as -chan, -san or so?
  10. You hate when it's subbed wrong?
  11. Do you have an Japanese lexicon?

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