How Well Do You Know Bleach?

You are a ____ Bleach fan. Need an option? In this quiz, you will be given three. Whether you are a lousy, passable or devoted fan will depend on whether you know the right answers to these questions ahead, testing your knowledge from everything such as characters and soul slayers and tiny incidents in the Anime/Manga.

This quiz will test you inside out on how well you know the Anime/Manga Bleach. How well exactly do you know the names of all the Zanpakutou, the Captains, the ranks, the characters and their abilities? Take this quiz to find out and to sharpen your knowledge in every aspect. A portal to knowing almost everything about Bleach at the end awaits:D

Created by: Ikeuchi
  1. What is the primary requirement for a shinigami to master either shi-kai or ban-kai?
  2. Which of these Captains have yet to show their ban-kai?
  3. What is the name of Captain Ukitake Jyuushirou's Zanpakutou?
  4. Why did Ayasegawa Yumichika end up in the fifth rank?
  5. Why does Zaraki Kenpachi wear an eye-patch?
  6. What trick did Yamada Hanatarou's seniors play on him?
  7. What was the biggest problem Don Kanonji ever started?
  8. Why did Kuchiki Rukia kill Shiba Kaien?
  9. Which one of these are not a species of Menos Grande?
  10. Which of these descriptions do not fit the character Sado Yasutora (Chad)?

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