Are you a true anime freak?

Do you know anime? Find out her wether you do or not. To everyone who would like to make your own quiz, you better make a good one. But you better be able to write 150 letters. Its harder then it seems.

Anyone who love anime should go to [no urls] because it gives you multible anime site with hundreds of animes each. You should also see if the anime your watching has a manga to go with it at [no urls] or [no urls]

Created by: Kathryn
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  1. How many mob souls does Ichigo know in Bleach?
  2. What is Al's soul in after tring to bring his mother back from the dead in FMA?
  3. How does Light kill the FBI agent on the bus in Death Note?
  4. Whats the main characters name in Tokyo Mew Mew?
  5. What type of demon is hidden in Naruto?
  6. In Kogomes time, who likes her?
  7. In MermaidMelody, did Kitou and Lucia meet on the beach first or next to an ocean linerhe he fell off?
  8. In Gaken Heaven, were all the guys gay or straight?
  9. In Chibi Vampire, did Karin and Kenta end up together?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true anime freak?