How much do you know about Japanese pop culture?

There's an anime-craze going on everywhere these days, but how much do you know of TRUE Japanese popular/daily culture? Are you a true fan of Japan, or are you just jumping the bandwagon of the anime-craze?

Answer these questions and find out! Don't feel bad if you do horribly though - many of these questions are difficult to answer unless you've visited there before or are actually Japanese American like I am! :)

Created by: Liadan
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  1. Does Japan have a tax on food?
  2. Which of the following bands were/is the most influential and popular on Japanese rock?
  3. Which of the following artists produced the album "Perfect Crime?"
  4. Which of the following artists are not Japanese?
  5. What is kaiten sushi?
  6. Education is mandatory until you finish:
  7. Juku is:
  8. Cupie/QP (sp?) is:
  9. Which of the following teas is green tea?
  10. What is the name of the Tokyo Airport?
  11. Saitama City was formed of the merging of:
  12. What is the Urawa Red Diamonds?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Japanese pop culture?