the anime quiz for smart persons... duhh...

MY BESTEST FRIEND MADE THIS :) NOT ME!!!!!!! GET THIS THROUGH YOUR STINKIN HEAD!!!!!!!! hi people of friends of Orihime! this is Naraku and i made this test. sorry if you is gonna take one hard time with the test thing but this is a college test and yeah totally!

are you a genius? take this quiz and if you become a unicorn slash pony then your a genius. if you're a anime freak, then you're the most awesome person in the world because anime will one day rule the world! and Orihime got me into Final Fantasy, just to let you know... and Final Fantasy is better than mtv!

Created by: Orihime
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  1. what is the master bankai of the fifth espada in Hakka Mundo?
  2. what is better than ice cream?
  3. what is more grosser
  4. What is Inuyasha's middle name?
  5. What is the capital of Yakima?
  6. what is jack in the box's favorite meal?
  7. what is the square route of 9283?
  8. how many letters are in the alphabet?
  9. whats 3904932893092-839383?
  10. tdfcghjkhl.jmj?
  11. What did Itachi ask Sasuke to do before he croaked?

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