Which Bishi is the Hottest?

What is a bishi? A bishi is an anime guy...not an anime girl but an anime guy. Well, maybe bishis can be anime chicks, but in this case, bishis are anime GUYS. Some are hot, and some are not. Some look hot, but are not exactly what they seem (you know how sometimes looks can be deceiving?) Only true otakus know which ones are TRULY worth your affection!

Are YOU an otaku? Do you know which bishis turn us on, and which ones turn us off? Even if you think you know it all, you might not! Otakus must know everything (or nearly everything) about the particular bishi (or bishis) worthy of their valuable affection! That's right, your affection is valuable! Knowing that, do you want to waste it on losers or queers? I thought not. Soooo...are you a true otaku? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Orihime
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  1. Who is hotter: Sasuke or Itachi?
  2. Who is hotter: Kyoya or Tamaki?
  3. Who is hotter: Cloud or Zach?
  4. Who is hotter: Allen or Lavi?
  5. Who is hotter: Hakkai or Sanzo?
  6. Who is hotter: Sora or Riku?
  7. Who's hotter: Light or N?
  8. Who's hotter: Ishida or Ichigo?
  9. Who's hotter: Inuyasha or Koga?
  10. Who's hotter: Vaan or Balthier?

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