Do You Know The Jonas Brothers?

There are many people who claim to know the Jonas Brothers..As A Matter of fact, almost everyone says they know everything about them! Do You? The Jonas Brother's Are The Hottest Men Alive, Can You Prove You Know The Hottest Men On Earth?

Are You A Jonas Brother Fanatic? Do You Really Know The Jonas Brother's? 100% means yes you definitely are, 99% and under means, try again, you aren't unless you make a perfect score!!

Created by: Kylyn
  1. How Long Have The Jonas Brother's Been A Band?
  2. What Is The Order Of The Jonas Brother's Youngest To Oldest?
  3. What Is Kevin's Full Name?
  4. What Is Joe's Nickname?
  5. Who Has Diabetes? What Type?
  6. When Is Joe's Birthday?
  7. Who Was Born On Their Parents' 4th Anniversary?
  8. Who Is The Bonus Jonas?
  9. What Is Frankie's Nickname?
  10. What Is Joe's Trademark?
  11. Kevin Is How Old?
  12. Who Fight Over Hotel Beds?
  13. What Play Did Joe Not Star In When He Was Younger?
  14. What Is Nicholas' Birthday?
  15. What Is Kevin's Birthday?
  16. What Is Joe's Guitar Named?
  17. Would Nick Date A Fan?
  18. What Was The Most Surprising Gift The Jo Bro's Have Ever Gotten?
  19. Who Is Mandy?
  20. Who Was Rushed To The Hospital After Running Into A Wall?
  21. Do The Jo Bro's Have A Facebook?
  22. What Does Joe Say Is Very Romantic To Do To A Girl While She's On The Phone?
  23. What Is The Jonas Brother's Mom's Name?
  24. What Is The Best Thing Denise Has Taught Joe?
  25. Who Always Wanted To Be The Multi-Color Ranger?
  26. Who Puts The Jonas Brother's Outfits For Concerts Together?
  27. What Is Kevin's Favorite Candy?
  28. Who Is The Best Locator For Starbuck's When They Travel?
  29. Older Girls Show Up To Their Concerts Wearing What?
  30. Who Steals Joe's Girls?
  31. What Did Joe Fall On At The AMA's?
  32. What Do The Jonas Brother's Hate To Talk About?
  33. What Did Joe Find Out Was Expensive To Send Out Of The Country When He Tried To Do It For His Crush In A Different Country?
  34. What Do The Jonas Brother's Prefer?
  35. What Did Joe Use To Get His Head Stuck Into As A Child...Involving Firefighters To Get Him Unstuck?
  36. Where Did The Jonas Brother's Get In An Accident With Their Tour Bus?
  37. What Was A Question That Was Asked By A Fan To Kevin During A Live Chat?
  38. Who Once Said To Joe, "'I Like Them Shoes. I Gotta Get Me A Pair Of Them.'"
  39. What Are All Three Jonas Brother's Favorite Movie?
  40. When Does The New Jonas Brother's Album Come Out On iTunes + CDVU? What Is It Called?

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