What do ya know?

What do you know about geography and Seinfield? Do you know the hottest place in the world? Do you know much about Africa? Well...we shall see exactly what you know and what you don't know.

Do you know these little facts and junk about various subjects? I made this quiz from vary reliable sources, and everything is accurate. There are no trick questions.

Created by: Amy

  1. What language is spoken in Brazil?
  2. What other country's official language is Portuguese?
  3. In the Rwandan genocide in the 1990's, what is the estimate of the number of Tutsis (people group) who were murdered?
  4. In the holocaust, what is estimate of the total number of people murdered?
  5. Which of these snakes are on the "Top 10 most Deadly Snakes" list?
  6. In which country can you find the world's highest waterfall?
  7. What appears somewhere in every episode of Seinfield?
  8. Which order correctly lists the largest countries in the world? Starting from largest going down.
  9. What country has the hottest average temperature?
  10. What is the oldest country in the world? It also claims the longest archeological record in the world.
  11. In the Bible, King Solomon referred to a "Queen of Sheba". Sheba is now which country?
  12. The wealthiest person in the world is Bill Gates, who has 56 billion dollars net worth. Which country does the 2nd wealthiest person live? (he was born there also)

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