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so, this is my first quiz, and I hope you all enjoy it! um . . . what else can I put here? I need one hundred fifty characters for each paragraph. Hold on, Maybe spaces work!

this thing needs one hundred fifty characters, which feels like one thousand million, which is actually one billion PLEASE LET IT BE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. So, this is my first quiz, so please don't judge. Also, please don't swear in the comments, it's just bad. Any advise is definitely welcome, as I need all the support I can get.
  2. You walked into the gym at the local community center for your school's basketball practice. Your school doesn't have a gym, so your team does it here. You only do basketball so that you don't have to go running with your mom. Anyway, you usually put your things in the gym, then go change into your sports clothes.
  3. But you weren't doing that today, because when you walked into the gym, there were four guys playing 2 on 2. They were all giants (super tall and giant muscles), They were all wearing black clothes, all had black hair, and all had dark eyes. You knew the last part, because as soon as you walked in, all four heads whipped to you. If that wasn't creepy enough, you looked into their eyes, and got even more creeped out. "Hi . . ." you said, then you walked out quickly, deciding to change first. You stayed in the bathroom for longer than usual, because you didn't want to go back and be alone with them. They didn't look exactly alike, there were distinguishing features, like the shape of their chin of nose. But when you looked into their eyes, you didn't see any emotion. There was something, there, but you couldn't tell what. it was almost as if if you had gone any closer to them, you'd be sucked into some evil void, and never be able to come out of that terrible place.
  4. You slowly walked out of the bathroom and to the gym. There was no one there, no echo of footsteps, it was completely empty. But there was a strange feeling in the large room that you couldn't shake. It gave you chills. You went through the rest of the day, trying to take your mind off it, but you couldn't. But you didn't tell anyone. That was a thing with you. You were excellent at keeping secrets and promises, but you were also an excellent liar.
  5. The next night you were at home by yourself. Your sister was at a sleepover, and your parents were on a date. You were on the laptop playing random games that you found on it. Then you heard a soft but firm knock on the door. You closed the computer, and went to open the door (I forgot to mention that the front door is in the room you're in). You opened it, and there were the four guys on your doorstep! You gasped and quickly slammed the door in their face. Suddenly they broke down the door, and everything was black.
  6. You woke up in what appeared to be a room that was entirely made of wood. The walls were wood and the bed frame was wood. The only things in the small room was the bed you were in, an trunk (not made of wood. it's leather), and a door. So, you opened the door, and walked out. You wandered around. You were apparently alone. you searched around for a door, but you didn't find one. so, you did what you had been told to do if ever you were caught in a maze. You put your hand on the wall and started walking. You opened every door, but your hand never left the wall. This way, if you didn't find anything, you could at least end up where you started instead of wandering the entire place forever. The only thing you found was a kitchen, a whole bunch of plain rooms like yours, a few bathrooms, and a living room. The place was huge. Then you went into the basement. There was really nothing down there except for a large couch, a TV, a shelf of board games, and an air hockey table. But you noticed a gold mounting. Having always been attracted to gold, you walked over to it, figuring that you could always just keep on going once you looked at it.
  7. You looked at it. It was just a plain gold circle. You touched it, but immediately found that that was a bad idea. the floor disappeared, and you were falling into black nothingness.
  8. You thought that you were never going to stop falling, when suddenly there was a burst of dark light, and a dark winged person flew to you from above and caught you. Then they brought you up to where you had fallen. He set you on the ground, and you tried to get you balance back.
  9. You stood up, and looked around you. There were four boys there, and none of them looked like the four that had kidnapped you. one of them had straight auburn hair, brown eyes a slightly pointed face, and looked athletic. He looked serious now, but you could tell that he was used to making his friends crack up and he seemed to find life amusing. The one that had rescued you was folding up his wings. He had curly blonde hair striking blue eyes that melted you insides, and a scar on his left side of his face, reaching from his temple to just under the corner of his lower lip. Another guy had black hair that was a bit longer than amusing guy, had gray eyes, and his eyes seemed to tell a story that you didn't want to hear, and looked like he was trying to cut himself off from everyone, and the last one had brown hair and green eyes and seemed introverted.
  10. You were stunned. "Who are . . . Where am . . . What was . . . " You couldn't get the words out, you had so many questions. They looked at each other. "Uhhh . . . Let's sit down, " Auburn haired guy said, motioning to the couch. They sat down next to each other, and you sat as far away as possible. "So . . . I guess we should introduce ourselves, "auburn head said, " I'm Ethan, That's Kendril (angel-guy), Nathan (introverted guy), and Jonathan (mysterious one)." "Yeah, so why am I here?" "_________, you need to trust us," Nathan said. "Oh yeah, "you said, "because you kidnapped me?" "Kendril saved your life!" Ethan said. "Probably because you want me for something," you shot back at them, "Now, I don't know how you can explain your wing-a-dings, but I would really like to know why I'm here."
  11. "It's kind of a long story . . . "Ethan said. He was obviously the most talkative. "Well, it doesn't look like I can go anywhere, so spit it out." you said. "He looked at the others, and they nodded. "Please don't interrupt me, because I don't want to start over. Us four, we're Nephilim. We defend the world from demons. Unfortunately, the angels think that's all we're good for. They see us as abominations, or half-breeds. We took you, because we need you." How?" you asked. "Well, we believe that your blood is more holy than ours." You were astounded. "So . . . you're saying that I'm . . . that I'm an angel?

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