Which of these anime guys is more your type??

Which of these popular anime guys are you most compatible to?? Are you a funny andd sweet person?? Or, do you have a bit of a mean streak in you?? Either way, there's an anime guy with a similar personality that you just might like!!

So are you ready to find out who your next anime crush is?? Hopefully you are!!! From grumpy to high quality, your destined to find a guy that's just like u. Take the quiz and find out your destiney (or what u don't want your destiney to be!!! lol) =D

Created by: Ashly
  1. Which of these sports would you rather participate in??
  2. Is school easy or difficult for you??
  3. Would you rather...
  4. Fill in the blanks. All i wanna do is _______ and _______. Then I'll relax.
  5. I'm listening to ______ on my ipod.
  6. Pick one.
  7. You'd live in...
  8. Most random??
  9. Which of these words best describes yourself??
  10. The so called strongest guy in town wants to fight you. Do you...
  11. Which of these superstitions are you most scared might be real??
  12. Lastly, what real guy do you wish you were compatible to??

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Quiz topic: Which of these anime guys is more my type??