What's Your Favorite Anime Pairing?

Some people may say they like a certain anime pairing, but half the time they don't even understand said pairing. They talk about liking one type of pairing, but they never think enough about that type of pairing enough to know!

What pairing's YOUR favorite? Five pairings: EdxWinry, KyoxTohru, SasukexSakura, TamakixHaruhi, and MirokuxSango. This quiz will determine which of these pairings is right for you to spaz about! Answer honestly, and don't try to get one pairing, cause then you won't learn anything!

Created by: Peggy
  1. What song should fit a pairing?
  2. Should pairings be emotional enough to make you cry?
  3. Should there be competition in the pairings?
  4. Do childhood friends fall in love?
  5. How should they confess their love?
  6. Should one of them crossdress?
  7. Should they go to the same school?
  8. Should the girl cry a lot?
  9. Should they argue a lot?
  10. Should they help each other emotionally?

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Quiz topic: What's my Favorite Anime Pairing?