What Pairing Are you Better Off Shipping? Avatar Relationships!

Do you love a certain relationship pairing on Avatar? Truth is, you may be better off pairing something else and not know it! Take this quiz to match your personallity to to these 10 questions to determine your riteful pairing!

Are you Zataran? A Kataanger? Karuan? Or maybe Jetaran? It doesn't even matter anymore! Take this quiz and you'll see that perhaps you have been shipping the wrong pairing, all along! For all you die hard Avatar fans (preferably girls)

Created by: SharinganItaku
  1. First of all, why do you watch tis show?
  2. If you had to pick a relationship pairing, what would it be?
  3. What do you like about a relationhip?
  4. What relationship do you dispise?
  5. What colors go best together?
  6. Are you bored yet?
  7. What animal is your favorite?
  8. What is your hair color?
  9. What is your favorite name?
  10. What is your ideal relationship age range?

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Quiz topic: What Pairing am I Better Off Shipping? Avatar Relationships!