How well do you know Avatar: The Last Airbender

There are many Avatar: The Last Airbender fans... but do all of them know Avatar well??? Avatar is a AWSOME tv show on Nick. Check it out!!! If you watched it before you must know how cool it is!!!!!

Do YOU know Avatar??? Have YOU wacthed it before??? See how well you know it by taking this quiz!!!! I made it myself!!!! Well, come on don't just stand there!!!!! Take this quiz!!!!!!

Created by: WatarEarthFireAir of WatarEarthFireAir
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  1. How old is Aang??
  2. Who gave Katara her necklace??
  3. what is the monters name who lives by Kyoshi island??
  4. What is Toph's last name??
  5. Who gave Zuko his scar??
  6. Who are Azula's teamates??
  7. What is the Moon Spirit's name??
  8. What does Sokka like to do??
  9. What tribe is Katara from??
  10. What is Aang??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Avatar: The Last Airbender