Transformers Prime RP Part one

So, I noticed there weren't many Transformers Prime quizzes. So, I decided to make a Role-Play. It's fun to entertain people with things like Role-Plays, and I figured a TFP one would be fun.

So, I REALLY hope you enjoy this Role-Play series. I have never done this, so sorry if it's bad. I also decided to add my made-up character, Moonbright. By the way, this is NOT a love story, So if you want one of those, please look elsewhere.

Created by: Cleopatra15TMNT
  1. So, about two days ago, you were finally adopted! Your new parents were awesome! Your room was filled with posters of all types of vehicles and your walls were painted your favorite color.
  2. You had taken Saturday and Sunday to adjust to living in Jasper, Navada, but today was your first day of school. You kissed your parents goodbye and walked inside.
  3. You obviously looked confused, because 3 kids hurried over. "Hi, I'm Jack." The oldest boy said. I'm Miko!" a Japanese girl who had poofy pigtails with pink highlights said. "And I'm Raf." said a younger boy with huge glasses. "You must be (Y/N)" Jack said. You nodded. "You look lost. We're in the same class, so I'll show you where we're supposed to be." Jack said. "See ya later, (Y/N)!" Miko said. Raf waved, and they left. Jack led you to your classroom. "Thanks." You said. "Anytime." Jack answered.
  4. The school day was fine and everyone was nice. At lunch, you sat with Jack, Miko, and Raf. At the end of the day, they got into cool vehicles with a strange insignia on all three. This puzzled you a bit, but you really didn't care.
  5. You went home and later decided to take a walk. As you walked through the desert, you heard what sounded like fighting. You decided to go investigate.
  6. As you get closer, you see 3 robots fighting some type of bug bots. Jack, Miko, and Raf were hiding behind a rock. You gasped and ran over. "(Y/N)!" Jack exclaimed, surprised. You stared at the battle. Eventually, the bug bots gave up and retreated into a mysterious green portal.
  7. The green bot walked up to you. "Is everyone okay?" he asked. You all nodded. That's when he noticed you. "Scrap." he muttered. "What do we do now?" he asked. "We take her to base." a female bot answered. "Ratchet, open a ground bridge." the female blue bot said. A few seconds later, a portal much like the one the bug bots went into opened. You all walked through.
  8. When you got to the other side, you looked around you. The place was huge. You saw technology you'd never seen before. There were stairs leading to some higher ground with railings. There was also a giant hallway. On the ground was the same sign you saw on the vehicles, which you then realize were the bots. Then you you see a red and white bot working at a computer and a red, white, and blue bot and a black bot both staring at you. "How did another human manage to see you?!" the red and white bot asked. "He/she saw us fighting the Insecticons." the blue bot answered. "Well, having ANOTHER human will make things a lot harder." the red and white bot said. "Oh come on, what harm could he/she do?" the red, white, and blue bot said. "You're probably confused. Don't worry, Optimus will explain everything when he gets back." The black female bot answered.
  9. You hear footsteps, and a giant red and blue bot walked in and stepped up to you. "We are Autonimous Robotic Organisms, or Autobots. My name is Optimus Prime." "I'm Arcee." said the blue bot. "I'm Bulkhead." the green bot said. "I'm Smokescreen." The red, white, and blue bot said. "Ratchet." the red and white bot said grumpily. The black and yellow bot beeped. "That's Bumblebee." the black bot said. "Ever since his voice box was damaged, only us Autobots and Raf can understand him. I'm Moonbright, by the way." "We are here to protect your planet from the Decepticons. They're the ones that sent the Insecticons to attack us. They are here because a battle for Energon, the fuel of both Autobots and Decepticons, has made our planet inhabitable. I once fought alongside one whom I considered a brother. But in war, ideals can be corupted, and it was thus that Megatron lost his way. He is the leader of the Decepticons." said Optimus.
  10. "Now that you're one of us, we must insure your safety. What is your name?" asked Optimus. "(Y/N)" You reply. "Welcome to Team Prime (Y/N)." Optimus said.
  11. "Now that you're one of us, you will need a guardian. Moonbright, you will be his/her guardian." Optimus said. Moonbright nodded. "Uh, Optimus, it's getting late." Jack said. "Very well. Dismiss." Optimus said, and went into the hallway. Bulkhead, Arcee, Bumblebee, and Moonbright changed into their vehicle mode. Moonbright was a Toyota Tacoma with neon blue wheels. "Get in." she said. You did that, and you all left for your homes. When you you got to your house, you got out and said "Thanks." "No problem." Moonbright answered. Your parents still weren't home. You almost immediately went to bed. As you closed your eyes, you thought about everything. This was certainly not what you expected would be in Jasper.
  12. Hope you liked it! Part 2 will come out soon!

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