TFP: Do You Know Your 'Bots?

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Welcome to my Transformers Prime quiz! This is a request for a GoToQuiz user named autobotmedic. I made this for people who /think/ they are the ultimate TFP fan!

Transformers Prime belongs to Hasbro along with characters. Artwork is owned by norunn8931 of Deviantart. I do not get payed for my writing, art, quizzes, videos, or polls. Most credit belongs to autobotmedic.

Created by: Pikachu_Fangirl1

  1. Before the war, what was Orion Pax's (Optimus Prime) job?
  2. Why did Megatronus (Megatron) declare war over Cybertron?
  3. Which two Decepticons killed Arcee's partners?
  4. What does Ratchet usually say after Bulkhead breaks his things?
  5. How did Bumblebee lose his voicebox?
  6. Why did Wheeljack leave the Wreckers?
  7. How did Nurse June Darby find out about the Autobots?
  8. What type of energon does Megatron use?
  9. Breakdown was murdered by who?
  10. What were the names of the two newest Predacons?
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Quiz topic: TFP: do I Know my 'Bots?