Which Autobot from Transformers Prime Loves You? Girls only!

Hey! Autobotmedic here! Have you ever wondered who lives you in TFP? Well, you can find out here on this little quiz! Go on! Try it out, okay? It'll be fun!

I made this for a friend. She was technically /begging/ me to do this! I told her to suck her scrap up and maybe I'll do it. Three months later, I kept my promise!

Created by: Sunny_Skies123
  1. So, who's your crush?
  2. If you could have a weapon, (assuming you don't already) what would it be out of the listed below?
  3. Aaand your catch phrase?
  4. Choose one!
  5. Random! Choose your favorite series/book!
  6. Which universe do you like best?
  7. Favorite Rescue Bot/Protectobot?
  8. Favorite fanfiction pairing?
  9. What are/is your favorite color(s)?
  10. Be honest! What do you think of humans?
  11. Is your electronic running out of battery like mine?
  12. Be honest! Did you skip, lie, or ignore the first two questions like I did?
  13. What was your biggest failure/mistake?
  14. Oh, that's okay! I'm so sorry about that! Which type of energon do you prefer?
  15. Did you plug in your device?
  16. Did you realize Special Agent Fowler said "Well I'll be triple dicked!" in Darkest Hour after Wheeljack showed up?

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