Which Transformers Character Are You?

Transformers is a very big universe and revolves around two factions of warring alien factions from the planet Cybertron who can transform into vehicles and buildings.

Which transformers character are you? Are you Optimus? Megatron? or maybe Bumblebee? This quiz has questions, when answered may provide you with the answer to which character you are most like.

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  1. You see a ruthless mercenary using innocent people and transformers and harming them for his own personal gain. You:
  2. You encounter an enemy much more powerful from you. You:
  3. You are complimented as a very great heroic warrior. You:
  4. What position would you rather have?
  5. Which vehicle sounds better as an alt mode?
  6. Which mood are you in?
  7. Which side do you chose?
  8. How would you defeat the enemy in a battle plan?
  9. How would you reform a government system?
  10. Which is your favorite series?

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Quiz topic: Which Transformers Character am I?