Which Transformers character are you?

This is a quiz about which transformers character you are! Might not be near accurate but I used my brain and put it to the test! Now let's see you do that, shall we? Ha ha ha!

Do YOU got what it takes to be a soldier? Do you have the firepower to take down Megatron? Until now you could only blast a few nuggets off the wall. But thanks to this quiz, we'll see how much firepower you really got in their!

Created by: Kalani
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. DO you like shooting Decepticons?
  3. Do you like shooting Autobots?
  4. Which vehicle would you prefer?
  5. Who do you prefer?
  6. Land or air?
  7. Megatron or Optimus?
  8. What best describes you?
  9. Projectile or Melee?
  10. Who is better?
  11. In hand-to-hand combat, who would win?

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Quiz topic: Which Transformers character am I?