Sacred Hearts part 10

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sorry this took F-O-R-E-V-E-R. school, exams, social life. sorry, hope it was worth it, considering i left you at a cliffhanger with a sword sticking out your chest :)

can't say i've given up my cliffhanger days :) part 11 in progress when i wake up, so in twelve hours or so. i'll see if i can get out a few more before school again. enjoy. comment and rate!

Created by: sazi

  1. you shudder and gasp, the air stinging as it travels. "You have to drink this!" someone has gripped your shoulders tightly. a cool glass is touvhed to your lower lip and a warm liquid fills your mouth. you can't taste it, you're not there with them anymore. your spirit gives out a final spark of beauty and power before it falters and dies, like a powerful fire reaching it's end. "Don't leave me!" a familiar voice cries out to you, but the darkness muffels his voice. you feel a tear streak down your cheek. this is it. it's over. this is how it felt to die. the end death.
  2. i never imagined death being so peaceful. it was like a dream when it happened. is this what it felt like to die? i broke through the dream. gasping an oily liquid was surrounding my body.
  3. drowning. DROWNING! this is how i'm dying?? no! it's just... i don't know! my eyes flew open. i was alone, in a darkened room, no light. which was a change. i breathed in the sweet scents of fruity earth air. instantly i missed the safety of flourescent lighting, the shadows seemed to move, conquerinf any small amount of moonlight that filtered though the curtains. a cold sweat broke over my face, "Hello?" i whispered. the door practically blew off it's hinges. i stared, eyes wide and blinked furiously against the brightness of the light. "Jules!" it was Marcus
  4. i sit up, painfully gasping and instantly dropping back onto the pillows, clutching my heart and feeling a thick layered bandage, and something stung underneath. "you may not want to move for a while." his cool hands wrapped around yours. the last time you saw him he was silhouetted with dark wings, his eyes glow warmly as he caresses your face
  5. "She's awake!" Matt's voice breaks the silence only immortals that don't need to bring could conjure. Matt was kneeling next to your bed, his warm eyes softened even further when you looked into his, you could see love in him, making him glow from the inside.
  6. someone moved into the room, silently, caution pulsated from every corner of this pale boy. you look over, Stark's face is crinkeled in pain and joy, you gently push yourself from the bed and move off it until your bare feet touch the coolness of the floor, you slowly walked, getting stronger with each step, the two boys stared at you as you walked towards their brother.
  7. you stumble, not yet adjusted to gravity and such of Earth, Stark instatnyl moves from his rigid, statue-like psition and catches you gently lifting you off the floor. his hands on the bare skin of your back, revealed by your backless dress."I'm alive?" you whisper as he cradels you. "Yes, and i plan on keeping you that way."
  8. he place you on the bed, ignoring the pain, you sit up slowly. "How long was i gone for?" you debated how you would tell them about the blood drinking, the spirits, your brother, the truth. this seemed like a good start. "Six months" Matt says after a stoney silence "We thought you were gone, forever, lost in the underworld, we lost hope." Stark whispers the truth, he was sitting on the foot of the bed, which appeared to be in Matt's room. "It's true, we thought you were gone, until we all shared common glimpses of you. then the dissapearence of your mortal body was one of the first signs you were trying to escape, then my piano shattering one midnight gave us glimmers of truth hope and faith" Marcus'face turns towards you, a fain smile on his saddened face,"did that really happen?" you ask. "i thought i was dreaming, i mean the thirst was so dreadful it was making me go mad." you mumble unthinkingly. "The thirst?" Stak says, grasping your hand."Uhm, you see, Enr- Loki's venom changed me so quickly i didn't die but went through a complete change. into a vampire." you say quickly, "But! a full change consits of drinking mortal blood!" Marcus says, you look at him, saddness in your eyes and open your mouth to reveal perfect fangs, double on the top and singles on the bottom, the sign of a powerful vampire queen. they gasped, "I'm sorry!" you cry "i couldn't take the thirst and he was there, summoned to destroy me!" your body shook with tears
  9. "it's okay! don't cry honey!" Matt was closer to you, putting loose strands of your hair behind your ears. "S-s-s-s-or-rr-r-y!" you stutter. and wipe your tears away with the back of you hand. breathing deeply. "I'm just not used to this anymore! it's all magnified! all the emotions. since i was gifted and since what happened in the underworld! i have angel wings now." you say, answering their confused facial expressions. "The spirits said i had wings to keep me pure."you met heavenly eighth dimension children spirits?" The boys cried out. "Someone up there must really like you." Matt smiles. and you can't help but smile warmly back at the,. for once, your safe.
  10. the presence of an eight dimension elder conquers the happiness of the room, with a darkened aura. "LOKI!" the boys cry satnding up. "Little sister!" Loki cries his voice weak and twisted in pain and that of need, "please! help me!" your brother falls to the floor with a loud thud, his body twitches as a black replicca of your father is drawn from him and seeps into the floor, back into hell, you look down fromt he bed at your brother. "s---!" you mumble. as his hair turns scarlet to the colour of golden honey in sunlight, like yours turns when the darkness in yourself is conquered.
  11. i do believe this is called a cliffhanger. hope you enjoyed xoxo see you in quiz 11

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