Sacred Hearts part 6

PART SIX! enjoy. sorry it's so super short. please comment, your comments mean alot ot me. thanks again for taking my series. hope you enjoy the series!

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Created by: sazi
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  1. suddenly a force knocks you to the floor. an unseen hand keeping you grounded *in the, pressed to your wooden floor way.* "LET ME GO!" you yell and all you hear is laughter. you close your eyes and wish to be elsewhere you open your eyes when you feel no pressure on your body, you're transparent as you look down your body. you notice you're surroundings. you're in a large black room. and just a few feet away is a see-through container with a glass chair in the middle (like the kind in a mental asylum) and in that chair is Stark, chained to it.
  2. "JULIET!"he glances up. "You need to get away! it's not safe! RUN JULES!"you hear the naked panic in his voice, you stand up off the floor and sprint down the corridor, the sound of a snake following you. you arrive at a dead end, just below you is eternal blackness with the small sparks of fire. you hear the creature approaching.
  3. you look back and see the face of a decaying demon, you look towards the blackness, and jump. you close your eyes in fear of seeing images that may potentially hurt you mentally. you hit the bottom with a thud and open your eyes, you first see the oak wooden floor of Marcus' room.
  4. you see Marcus sitting at his piano, but not playing. you approach him and lay a hand on his shoulder but he doesn't notice it. you look down, your still invisible. "Marcus!" you yell. he doesn't even move. you swiftly walk to a pad of paper and a pencil, you pick up the items and start writing.
  5. -Dear Marcus and Matt- you begin. -i have come to the conclusion that i am in my spirit form, that's why i cannot converse with you and why you cannot see me. Stark is trapped in hell and his cell is protected my demons, trust me i know, ine chased me off a stupid cliff. my body is trapped in time ( a week ago, the night my dad put i bullet in his head) it's trapped there my a demon from the spirit world. i'm standing here with you, i have no idea how to return to my body, let alone how i got here nor how to get back to Stark. Juliet.- you place the letter in front of marcus and he jumps and scans his room for an intruder than his eyes fall on the note.
  6. "Juliet!"he yells and tries to hunt for you with his eyes, you put a hand out and touch his cheeck. "i can feel your warmth."he murmers as he feels for your arm, but his hand slips right through it, he yells out in horror. "MATT!" he hollers. and matt rushes through the door, Marcus chucks the letter at him.
  7. matt pushes his hand through his hair and scans for you. you reach out to him and he nods. "We need to get you back to your body before your body goes into the next day, because without Stark that truck kills you." Matt paces. "We don't know how to time travel, only Stark does, but obvioulsy he can't do so when he's in his cell." you pick up the paper and write -i need to find a cliff in order to jump to different planes, you know the spirit plane ect.- you hold up the note for the boys and they stare at you (well at what they believe to be your face) and start to argue about the dangers of doing that.
  8. you glance at the open window. and see the sun setting. you need to get back to your body nd fast, you'll be up for school in twelev hours. you flip to a new page -i need you guys to take my hand and let me find your spirits, if we jump out that window all in spirit form we maybe can travel back in time like i travelled forwards.- they stare, open mouthed at you. but you reach out for Marcus and place both your hands in where his silent heart is. you breathe and dispatch into Marcus, you see a form of Marcus. it's concealed but there none the less. you offer your hand to the spiritual Marcus and he takes it, you rip out of Marcus'real body as it drops lifelessly to the floor. "Hi Marcus."you breathe at the spirit staring down at his real body. "What did you- i can hear you!" he looks at you and kisses you instantly. you pull away "I need to get Matt." you smile at him and let go of his hand and do the same for Matt you enter his soul and hunt for the spiritual Matt.
  9. you turn around at the small sound of a snarl. you see Matt's spirit before you, but it's not Matt, it's a giant Wolf that's standing like a human in it's hindlegs, blood dripping from it's snarling mouth as it follows you with deep black eyes. it walks towards you, it's about double your size and has i broken chain around it's neck. you back away and fall to the floor. you struggle to stand, but the wolf is moving closer.
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  12. part seven will be longer. sorry this one was so short. i'm trying to think up some new ideas

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