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Have you played through all of the Kingdom Hearts video games? Well if you have then this quiz will definitely test your brain power. Good luck because some of these questions are quite complex.

Are you a true keyblade wielder? Or are you a pathetic moogle? Take this quiz to see how you rank against other kingdom hearts fan boys. This quiz is not for the casual gamer.

Created by: WinstonJEC
  1. How many years is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep set BEFORE Kingdom Hearts 1?
  2. Why does Roxas look like Ventus?
  3. Who did Terra bestow the keyblade upon?
  4. What rank of nobodies serve under Roxas?
  5. What does the 2 mean in 358/2?
  6. What does Xemnas say at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 as you kill him?
  7. What do the wayfinders represent in Birth By Sleep?
  8. What elemental power does Xaldin use?
  9. What keyblades does Roxas duel-wield in 358/2?
  10. How many trinities are there total in Kingdom Hearts 1?
  11. How many keyblade wielders are there in the series?
  12. True or False: Every Kingdom Hearts game has a secret ending.
  13. What fruit is on destiny islands that is shaped like a star?
  14. How many times has Ansem The Wise been to the realm of darkness
  15. How do organization members get their names?
  16. What is the final form of Ansem called in kingdom hearts 1?
  17. Why does Riku wear a blindfold in Kingdom Hearts 2?
  18. What is Castle Oblivion?
  19. What was Hollow Bastion originally?
  20. Who does Xigbar see when Xion takes off her hood?
  21. Who does Roxas see when Xion takes off her hood at the end of 358/2?
  22. Who came up with Sea-salt ice cream?
  23. How many scenes are sea-salt ice cream consumed in 358/2?

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