How much do you know Kingdom Hearts?

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Kingdom Hearts isn't very popular, I'm lucky I even know someone other my friends that even knows about it. This is that you know the basics on Kingdom Hearts

Do you know about Kingdom Hearts? Do you know that there are 5 games in the series? (HINT HINT) Can you be called a Kingdom Hearets freak? This quiz will tell you if you know the basics of Kingdom Hearts

Created by: Heather
  1. What is Sora's weapon?
  2. Who is Sora's Nobody?
  3. How much games are there in Kingdom Hearts series?
  4. Is there a comic book series for Kingdom Hearts?
  5. What are the opening song names for the Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II
  6. Is Kingdom Hearts Japenese?
  7. What is the Organiztion's name?
  8. Who voices Roxas?
  9. Who is Roxas's best friends? (In twilight town?)
  10. Who is Sora's best friends

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Kingdom Hearts?