Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?

The Kingdom Hearts games are some of the greatest games ever in my eyes! So, which character from the games do you think you are? Let's find out. If not, too bad you're taking the quiz anyway!

Are you a follower of the light or darkness? Or maybe you're somwewhere in between. Do you think your a certain person from the game just by first guess? Do you think I'll give you a better answer? You can see here on this quiz.

Created by: Travis
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose a weapon.
  2. Choose a spell.
  3. Choose a purpose in life.
  4. Choose an enemy.
  5. Choose a keyblade.
  6. Choose your status.
  7. Choose your Nobody.
  8. Choose an ally in battle.
  9. Choose your form.
  10. Choose your favorite color our of these six. They Represent your character.

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Quiz topic: Which Kingdom Hearts character am I?