Who will you fall for? Vamp, Neko, Werewolf, Angel, Fox

There are many worlds but they share the same sky. One sky, one destiny... Ok I totally rippped that off Kingdom Hearts. Anyway this is a PILOT quiz. That means that it's sort of a test run. If I get good comments or good reviews then I'll be verrry likely to continue this.

My computer battery is low D: So i'll make this quick. The name Emmet I have in here is not the same Emmet from twilight! I just like the name alot an am using it K? We cool?

Created by: Tummytums
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  1. You didn't mean to save her. Honest. When the ground started shaking and the earth started splitting just like in the movies, you panicked and started to run. Only, you tripped and your chin slammed on the pavement. Once the stars and bright colors had faded from your vision, you saw...her. She was curled up in a tight crouch. A curtain of fine blonde hair obscured the view of her face. Yet, by the way she was clutching at her leg, you could tell she was hurt. You didn't know what happened. But you blinked and you were suddenly standing before her. She looked up at you and your legs crumpled and you fell to your knees. She was so lovely you had to blink again several times to make sure she was real.
  2. Her eyes registered you with alarm. Her full pouting lips were quivering slightly and the earth trembled again so hard that you fell on your backside. Though your eyes never left her ethereal face. Her hand reached out and caught your arm with a firm grip. A great warmth spread from where her fingers made contact with your skin. Your eyes widened when you realized how weird you must be acting. "A-are you ok?" you asked out of breath. Her big blue doe eyes were shiny and she looked on the verge of tears. A fierce protectiveness overcame you and you helped her up. She seemed so tiny and frail that you refrained from touching her as much as possible. She looked around frantically, her silky hair whipping about her face. "Look," she spoke up. Her voice was melodious and instantly caught your attention. "Promise me that you will stay here." she urged
  3. You paused, tore your eyes from hers, and look around. Trash cans were tumbling over, car horns were going off and giant cracks were rupturing everywhere. You attempted to give her a "˜you're crazy' look but it came out as more of an admiring awed look instead. "Just promise me." she grabbed both your hands and when your eyes locked with hers, a ticklish feeling filled your chest and even your vision was affected. You could almost swear that a golden aura surrounded the strange and elegant girl. A bright light flashed in your eyes and the girls hands were wrenched from you. "Please stay and wait for him!" she reached out and clutched your shirt collar. Her whole body was floating in the air and straining as if something was pulling at her legs. She released one hand and plunged it into her chest. Yeah you read that right. Her hand plunged right into her skin. She pulled out a strange fuzzy ball of light. Without pause she shot out her hand and shoved it into your body. Your eyes widened and you were stunned. What in the hell was going on? Everything became too bright to see, then just as suddenly, everything went still. There was no sound except that of your own labored breathing. You looked around. There were no cracks in the pavement. No cars damaged, nothing.
  4. Two heart beats thumped in your chest at different intervals and you screamed. Whatever that girl put inside of you shifted then stopped pulsating. You placed a hand over your heart. It seemed normal enough. You blinked and shook your head. Had all that really just happened? You turned around to continue home when you shrieked and fell on your bottom. In front of you was a pitch black wolf with green eyes and a chestnut panther-looking animal with blue eyes. They were staring straight at you with a perplexing sort of expression. It was vaguely human-like. And creepy. They crouched very low and started quivering. Their hair was shifting and morphing into skin. Their fangs were reduced to human-sized teeth. You began to crawl backwards slowly while keeping your eyes glued on them. The animal's muzzles shrunk and began to look more like human noses. Their limbs thickened to human width and began to elongate. After a few more seconds you were sitting before two crouched human males.
  5. .... Scratch that. Two HOT human males. No, saying they were hot was the understatement of the year. They started rising and it was like suddenly everything went into slow motion. The guy who was previously a black wolf was long, lean, and elegant. He had hair so velvety dark that it had no shine. You stared at him. At his smooth fair skin. At the mouth, which was proud and willful. Dark thick eyelashes, so appealing that they almost seemed fake framed his forest green eyes. Your gazes locked for just a brief second and everything else seemed to fade away. The world consisted of just you and this otherworldly stranger. Your stomach knotted and your palms began to sweat. He blinked slowly and you thought your heart would beat out of your chest. Then he turned his back on you. That's when you noticed his friend.
  6. Now if the dark-haired guy had you swooning, his friend finished the job. He was a bit shorter than the dark-haired guy but he was just as striking. His movements seemed fluid and graceful. He had feathery auburn hair that just begged to be stroked. The black long-sleeved shirt he wore contrasted sharply with his olive skin and brought out the intense blue of his eyes. His lips were so perfect that when he smiled at his friend you melted a little.
  7. The two erogenous males started conversing in a language you didn't understand. It had the fluidity and softness of a French-like accent but not quite. You couldn't help but sigh at the sound of their voices. Their little chat quickly turned heated and the dark-haired guy swiveled on his heel and stormed your way. You were so out of it that he almost rammed right into you before you clumsily scooted away. He froze right next to you, facing sideways. His friend started to say something but the dark-haired guy held up a hand to silence him. You opened your mouth to say something but were cut off by the look the dark-haired guy gave you.
  8. He peered down at you. His gaze was so insistent and intimate that your cheeks heated and you had to look away. "Devon." he called in a rich voice. The auburn-haired guy walked towards you two. "What?" he responded. The dark-haired guy reached for you and you tried to back up, but too late; his hand went right...through you. You gasped and tried to retreat but you made the mistake of catching Devon's eye. You were paralyzed and rooted to the spot. "I see...what you mean..." he muttered. Devon lifted his index finger and started dragging it through the air in a big circle. A purple glowing trail followed his finger. He then placed his hand in the middle of the shimmering circle and it let out a bright flash. Then...nothing. But faces of the guys seemed to show surprise. "Fang," Devon said quietly. "I'll call Emmet." Devon walked a few steps away, whipped out a cell phone, and started dialing. That left you alone with the dark-haired guy, apparently named Fang. He looked tense and coiled. Like if ready to spring and attack at any moment. You didn't have time to think over what was happening even if you had wanted to because at the moment, a blinding light flashed in your eyes and made them water. You opened your lids and dark spots were swimming in your vision. When you could see again, there was one more person standing with the two guys.
  9. He was a brunette and had warm golden eyes. His hair was a chocolate brown that shone bronze in the setting sun. He was tall and well built. His mouth was full and stubborn and he was clenching and unclenching his fists in what seemed like anticipation. The other brunette, Devon, was quietly saying something to the newcomer. You only caught the last of his sentence, "...a lot like her." The new guy observed you shortly then strode towards you. For some reason this shocked you into realizing that you had been sitting on the ground all this time and you shot up and brushed yourself off in an attempt to seem nonchalant. You were so out of character that, when you looked up and found the guy with the golden eyes looming so close to your face, you squealed in surprise. Yeah that's right, SQUEALED. You know, like pigs do? Anyway.. The guy grabbed your shoulders and lowered his head to your neck.
  10. Then just when you were guessing what he was about to do, he...sniffed you. Little quiet sniffs that actually...kind of tickled. You bit your lip to keep from laughing but little giggles were escaping you. The guy was mumbling something unintelligible and he lowered his head to your chest area. Finally this seemed to trigger something in your brain and you reacted. "Hey!!" you yelled and threw a punch at him. He ducked and dodged away expertly. "Yah," he turned his back to you. "She has it inside her. Though I don't know how or why." They started talking to each other and you clenched your jaw. You were beyond confused. Nothing made sense and you were only getting more frustrated by the minute. One of the guys reached you in two strides, Devon, and held your upper arm with a painful grip and held it up in the air while still talking to the other two. They were nodding and saying something you didn't quite hear. Because frankly, the second Devon's skin made contact with your's, everything became sort of fuzzy and unclear. He released you and started pulling at your cheek in an annoying way that was the final straw. "W-w-what- just what are you DOING, stop that!!" you slapped Devon's hand away. He paused in mid sentence with his lips parted to continue.
  11. Your face flushed. You hadn't meant to say that, well not exactly. There was something about these guys; this whole DAY, that had you acting strange. "Blonde girl?" one of them asked. You weren't sure who. "Yeah," you crossed your arms." There was this blonde girl who, um, gave me something then like disappeared." you still couldn't bring yourself to look at them in the eyes. They started talking, the two brunettes, while the dark-haired guy "˜what was his name again?' walked up to you and grabbed you roughly by the collar. "Woah!" you said breathlessly as you were forced to look him in the eyes. They were flashing and dangerous. "Where...is...she?" he put emphasis on every word by giving you a little shake. "Hey there." Devon put a hand on his shoulder and you were reluctantly released. The other guy came and joined him. "Who are you?" You demanded shakily. "I'm sorry if we've come off as rude," Devon bowed slightly. He actually bowed. "Where are our manners? Let me introduce us. I'm Devon. This is Fang," he gestured towards Mr. Dark and Moody, "and this is Emmet." Emmet shouldered past Devon, ducked his face close to yours, and gave you a wolfish grin. "We're your new best friends."

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Quiz topic: Who will I fall for? Vamp, Neko, Werewolf, Angel, Fox