Are you a werewolf(for real)?

There are people who act more animal like than most,but few true werewolves.This is actually a very accurate and you may even learn something about yourself by taking it.I am not a werewolf,I am not a human,I am not a vampire,I am not a zombie.My kind is very simular to werewolves though and I still know enough about them,you may find out what I am sometime.

Let's get to the real deal now.Are YOU a werewolf.You are unlikely to be.I may be wrong though,you are probably in disagreement with me on that.Well,we'll see about that one you take this quiz.

Created by: Ace cat
  1. Do you ever get angry at people by just looking at them and think,*God,I HATE humans!*
  2. When you look at the Full moon,do you start feeling like your completely untamed and just start howling like mad without control.
  3. Who do you like better,your human friends or your cat and dog friends?
  5. Vampiyah!
  6. Are you a werewolf?
  7. Do your eyes change color?Do your canine teeth grow sometimes?
  8. What food sounds most appetizing to you?
  9. Do you ever start to feel like your going mad with your thoughts and feelings?
  10. Do you ever act like an animal without thinking about it.

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Quiz topic: Am I a werewolf(for real)?