Are You a REAL Vampire?(full Version)?

Real Vampires are developed humans due to their evolved genes. They are mostly stronger, smarter and quicker than normal humans. Recently some Universities are doing researches on this topic.

This quiz is made to help you to know if you ARE truly a Real Vampire or not. All of these questions are already proved and will determine the fact that you are A Real Vampire or not. DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT AND RATE PLEASE!

Created by: Viktor
  1. Do you have an unusually pale skin?
  2. Have you ever been told by professionals that you were so lucky that you survived something dangerous (eg an accident)with just some scratch?
  3. As a kid, were you the strongest or quickest or smartest in your class?
  4. Do people often tell you that you look very young for your age, or that they would never have guessed your age?
  5. Are you extremely energetic at night? And around the sunrise you get really tired?
  6. Are you a quicker healer than most people?
  7. Do you tend to switch between very social and antisocial frequently?
  8. Are your six senses stronger than other people?
  9. Do you have an extremely good vision in dark? How many times has someone said its too dark they can't see while you were doing something like reading?
  10. Do you tend to be not surprised or sacred by the typical sudden loud noise in a movie or something like that cuz you sensed it coming?
  11. Do you tend to react to unexpected things such as catching a falling object in an almost a psychic speed?(As if you were expecting it to happen.)?
  12. Are you sensitive to light and the heat from it?
  13. If, while your skin is white from lack of blood, do you bleed quite noticeably less than a normal person should?
  14. Are your nails CLEAR like glass, yet very strong?
  15. Is your bedroom the darkest and coldest room in your house?
  16. How often do you look at the person that almost bumped into you and think: "you idiot!" or, "people are so stupid!" Because they didn't know you were only a couple feet away from them, because you always know when someone is that close to you?
  17. Do you always feel a strong urge to travel?
  18. How often does something smell so strong that YOU CAN TASTE IT?
  19. Is there a dark colored ring around your iris?
  20. Is there a noticeable different color surrounding your pupil?
  21. Do the words: "Come on outside! Its a nice bright sunny day and there's a lot of people out!" Seem more like a bad thing to you while the person said it Had a big smile?
  22. Do you have a predator instinct that is so strong that makes most people to act more like herbivores than omnivores they consider themselves to be?
  23. Does sunlight/bright light in general hurt your eyes? Sometimes to the point of migraine?
  24. Do electrical appliances tend to hate you?

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