How Much Do You Know Howrse?

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Howrse is a fun online virtual game where it's free to play to join today. Though, I must warn you it's fairly addictive and sometimes you have to pay REAL MONEY for things like passes...

Though overall, it's a great game. I suggest you play it! Please congragulate me and add me: Lilac Stone in the International Version and loveydovey in the Australian version.

Created by: Morgana

  1. What does the Golden Apple do?
  2. What does BM mean?
  3. How many days of serenity do you have to be on the International version to get access with the sales and stuff?
  4. Who created the game?
  5. On the Australian version, how many days of serenity do you have to be to get access to the direct sales?
  6. What does the seahorse give you as a bonus?
  7. Are you allowed to have multiple accounts?
  8. What is one of the administrators name?
  9. What does the Philosophers stone do?
  10. Can horses die on the game?
  11. What does the black orchid do?
  12. How much months/years/days does an ageing point go up by?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Howrse?